Athletic department to welcome second trainer to program


Daniel Quigley

St. Francis is providing BJU with a second athletic trainer for no additional charge. Photo: Daniel Quigley

The athletic director of the Bob Jones University Bruins has announced that St. Francis Sports Medicine will provide a second athletic trainer for their program.

Since the founding of Bruins intercollegiate sports in 2012, Taylor Wilson has been the only athletic trainer. The addition of a second trainer has been a goal for several years according to Jonny Gamet, Bruins sports information director. He appreciates St. Francis Sports Medicine, calling them “an absolute lifesaver for our department.”

Their generosity is  especially appreciated as the athletic department has been reviewing the budget this year. Originally, Athletic Director Neal Ring was considering a fundraiser to hire a new trainer, but St. Francis provided the trainer as community outreach for no additional charge.

Current BJU athletic trainer Wilson previously worked at the University of Colorado where she was one of 10 trainers. She worked with their cross-country team which is one of the top 10 best teams in NCAA Division I. She moved to South Carolina in 2012 and applied for the position at Bob Jones University, excited for the new challenge.

When she started, the Bruins had four teams and now six years later, the school has 15 teams including the new additions of baseball and softball next year.

Wilson said, “I’m doing the workload of three athletic trainers.”

Students interested in the athletic training field can help her with the workload as assistants. Wilson explained the application process and said she’s excited for another trainer. St. Francis receives applicants every year, and they’ll narrow it down to who would fit best at Bob Jones University. Then the candidate will be interviewed by Neal Ring. Wilson thinks it might take a while before someone is selected because the pool of applicants is smaller now than in the summer.

Wilson knows it would be nice to share the load; one trainer could be out at the field while another stays in the training room for the other teams. Wilson is loved by the student athletes, and many agree that although she’s had a heavy workload of more than 50 hours a week, she does her job efficiently and lovingly.

Lauren Mukenschnabl, a junior volleyball player who frequents Wilson’s training room for various injuries, said, “Taylor goes above and beyond her job requirements in taking care of her athletes. I’m happy to call her my trainer, as well as my friend.” The department sees the addition of a second trainer as not only benefiting Wilson but also enhancing the care of each student athlete.

The care they receive now will be doubled and allow for more one-on-one therapy and rehabilitation. The Bruins staff is excited for what the future holds.With the addition of baseball and softball next year, the athletic trainers will have their hands full.