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Column: Celebrate Grace

Column: Celebrate Grace

Eylan Martinez April 11, 2023

Four weeks until the last day of school, and as the time most of us have been anticipating comes closer, our strength to finish seems to grow dimmer. For some, the end of the school year means their college...

Jonathan Millar is a staff writer for the Collegian.

Column: Support society sports

Jonathan Millar March 13, 2023

Societies have held sports competitions since their inception at BJU’s founding 96 years ago. Soccer, basketball and volleyball draw the most attention, but other sports such as water polo, softball...

Jordyn Britton is the Photo Editor for the Collegian

Column: Waiting on God

Collegian Staff February 13, 2023

If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t like waiting very much. Waiting in line at the dining common, waiting in traffic on your way home from work, waiting for the bell to ring at the end...

Photo: Submitted

Guest Column: Just Things

Jewel Schuurmans December 9, 2022

“Our neighbors called the firefighters thinking seven people were trapped in our house fire.” No one wants to hear this from a family member. A week ago when my brother sent this message and a picture...

Eylan Martinez is a staff writer for BJU

Column: Yes, you can find rest in college 

Eylan Martinez November 1, 2022

Most of us came to Bob Jones University with different expectations, different goals and different mindsets. For some, these four years are to make as many friends as possible; for others, they are to...

Jordyn Britton is the Photo Editor for the Collegian

Column: Gratitude

Jordyn Britton September 30, 2022

Why do you thank God for things in your life? You’ve probably heard dozens of sermons and devotionals on gratitude in your lifetime, so you know you should be thankful. Maybe you thank God for your...

Photo: Melia Covington

Column: Living Proof

Johnathon Smith May 3, 2022

One minute. That’s how long you have to spend reading the news to see that “the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked” (Jer. 17:9). As much as we like to think Jeremiah’s...

Photo: Lindsay Shaleen

Column: Stones of Remembrance

Julia Lodi April 28, 2022

Thunk. The familiar jolt of hitting rock bottom rattled my bones yet again. Didn’t we hit rock bottom just last week, too? I thought. My sister struggled with unexplained and debilitating health issues...

Photo: Hannah Guell

Column: The best ways to bracket for March Madness

Jared Banks April 22, 2022

The National College Basketball Championship was on April 3, and I think everyone has been disappointed with their losing picks long enough for me to write about it.  That being said, the March Madness...

Hannah Bray

Column: A Strange Motivation for Pro-Life Values

Hannah Bray April 14, 2022

I could list many reasons why I’m pro-life, but the strangest and most recent reason I’ve discovered is because of a basketball team. Now, I am not a big basketball fan. I enjoy playing basketball...

Hafling Wrangler

Column: Variety: The spice and sugar of life

Julia Lodi April 4, 2022

As I stood in line at The Hub last week waiting to submit a request to change my major, I reflected on the last four years of my education at Bob Jones University. Little did I know when I arrived on campus...

You see what you are looking at

You see what you are looking at

Nathaniel Hendry March 18, 2022

Tautologies — sayings that are true by definition, such as, “triangles have three sides,” — are notoriously unhelpful, according to my English textbook. But my younger brother Micah once coined...

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