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A student’s guide to Greenville coffee shops and roasters

The Village Grind

Just in time for final exams, I visited six popular cafés within a 15-minute drive from the Bob Jones University campus. My reviews of the cafés include many factors a student may consider: atmosphere, location, parking, price, coffee taste, etc. This review is based off of my own personal experience. I consistently bought my favorite drink at each café, or the closest variation, if it was not available. I’d encourage students to visit each café if they have the opportunity. They each have something unique to offer!


Pros: interior, location, coffee taste
Cons: parking
Address: 1258 Pendleton St., Greenville


The Village Grind is about four miles from campus, a 13-minute drive. Shops, boutiques and eateries surround it. Parking is located just down the street ($2.55 for two hours) unless you can find a free spot that is closer (and can parallel park). 

The Village Grind

The cafe entrance has covered outdoor seating and is well-decorated with lights, plants and flowers. Inside, the decor is similarly beautiful and balanced.

The cafe is spacious, with plenty of seating options. Service is kind and prompt. I purchased a 16 oz. brown sugar cinnamon hot latte for $6.48 (a 12 oz. would be around $6). It was one of my all-time favorites. The latte was sweet and smooth. The brown sugar cinnamon flavor is prominent, but not so much that it overwhelms the flavor of the coffee.

People frequently came in and out from the street outside. A warning to students sensitive to noise while studying; you may find the conversation and music distracting. So, if you plan to study, you might want to bring a pair of headphones. The cafe is both a hang-out spot and a place to study. 


Pros: close to campus, free parking on site, price, quiet atmosphere
Cons: strong coffee taste, cafe interior
Address: 207 Wade Hampton Blvd., Greenville


The Methodical Coffee House location I visited is just a short six-minute drive from campus. It is between a few other businesses and has a free parking lot for customers.

Entering, I first noticed it seemed musty, which matches the cafe’s rustic feel. At the front of the shop is a collection of merchandise customers can purchase, like shirts, mugs and backpacks. Behind this is the coffee bar and seating.

Methodical Coffee House

I ordered an espresso with milk and honey; a 12 oz. cost $5 without tax. The barista was friendly and cheerful, and he brought my order to my table within just a few minutes. The coffee itself was not my preference, but good nonetheless. It was not sweet, but rather emphasized the tart espresso flavor.

Methodical Coffee House

The cafe has free Wi-Fi for customers. In the background, a few people chatted as indie music played. The cafe has a casual feel and I felt very relaxed and at ease.


Pros: location, coffee taste
Cons: parking, often busy
Address: 531 S. Main St, Greenville


Spill the Beans is popular at BJU for a reason. The cafe is located in the heart of downtown beside Falls Park. It is about a 12-minute drive from campus.

Unfortunately, anyone who has driven downtown knows that parking can be difficult. Spill the Beans has no parking lot, so parking can be difficult (and expensive). 

Keep in mind the cafe is a popular place, so depending on the time you go, it may be busy or loud. I recommend visiting in the evening, since it is open until 10 p.m. Typically, there are fewer customers in the evening. I sat in the outdoor seating. It was very peaceful; downtown is especially beautiful at night. 

I purchased a 12 oz. brown sugar latte for $5.46. Spill The Beans coffee has a unique flavor. It strikes a good balance between sweetness and the coffee strength. 

The cafe interior is nice as well, with a calm and comfortable feel. What I appreciate about Spill the Beans is that it is so versatile. It is a great outing for any occasion, whether studying, hanging out with friends or grabbing a coffee as you shop.


Pros: interior, parking, location
Cons: coffee taste
Address: 325 Rocky Slope Rd. #101, Greenville


Chestnut Coffee House is a 13-minute drive from campus. It is beside a few shops, housing and a park. Parking is free and nearby. 

Inside, there is a lot of natural light, plants and decor. There is plenty of indoor seating as well as outdoor seating. The tables and counters are gray marble, and the chairs are black. It is really beautiful inside, especially when the weather is sunny.

Chestnut Coffee House

I ordered a 12 oz. salted brown sugar latte for $6.48. Though the interior is on point, the coffee was not. It tasted mostly like sweetened milk. Their latte art is pretty though, and ordering a drink is worth it just to hang out at the cafe. 


Pros: location, coffee taste, parking
Cons: price, interior
Address: 1320 Hampton Ave Ext. #4B, Greenville


You may be familiar with Due South since BJU partners with the company for its coffee in the dining common. The DC coffee is definitely not my favorite, but Due South’s coffee apparently isn’t the problem because it is amazing. Of the cafes I’ve visited, I would say they have the best coffee. 

Due South Coffee Roasters

You will have to pay for it, however. I bought a 12 oz. gingerbread latte for $6.48, definitely more on the expensive end. I should add that it came with a gingerbread cookie, which was excellent. 

One downside: The interior of Due South is lackluster. It is small without much seating. The location makes up for it, though. It is inside a courtyard of different shops and restaurants called Hampton Station, and there’s plenty of outdoor seating and space. There is a free parking lot beside this courtyard, another plus. If you are looking for a place to grab a coffee and hang out with your friends outside, this is the perfect place to visit. 


Pros: price, coffee taste
Cons: parking
Address: 1 E. Coffee St., Greenville


What I love most about Coffee Underground is the price. My drink was $4.50 for a 12 oz. pumpkin spice latte (yes, I know it’s spring). They have some of the best coffee of the cafes I visited and the best price. The interior of the cafe is dark and calm, with plenty of seating. I was surprised that there was an entire separate room in the back of the cafe. It is a great place to study.

Coffee Underground

Unfortunately, like any other downtown cafe, parking is a bit of a pain. There is a parking lot really close to Coffee Underground. If you are parking on the weekend, it is free. But if you are parking on the weekdays, you will pay after an hour. Going on a Saturday morning would be the most convenient. It is about a 10-minute drive from campus and near other shops downtown. 

I named it my best because it really has no faults and offers a great experience. It is also open later at night and hosts various events. You really should plan to visit Coffee Underground.

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