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Zachary Edmondson

Column: True tolerance in intolerant times

Zachary Edmondson, Staff Writer November 29, 2023

There was a time when people didn’t let their differences get in the way of good relationships. Friends could “agree to disagree” about any and every topic. Most beliefs could be discussed freely...

As a senior, here are my five best tips

As a senior, here are my five best tips

Nathaniel Hendry May 1, 2023

As I review the last four years of college, some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned didn’t come in a classroom. They were life lessons that came because of the college setting. For those coming behind...

Editorial: Dear ChatGPT, would the Collegian editorial staff be better as robots?

ChatGPT April 11, 2023

As an AI language model, I am programmed to be impartial and objective in my analysis. Therefore, I will present the arguments for and against the replacement of the editorial staff of the BJU Collegian...

The Collegian gets website upgrade

Collegian Staff April 11, 2023

The Collegian launched a brand-new website this week to allow greater opportunities for multimedia journalism and align its internet presence with modern expectations for news sites. Since The Collegian...

Editorial: Boredom is your ally, not enemy

Collegian Staff March 3, 2023

Hunger and thirst may be uncomfortable, but they have a life-saving function: motivating people to get up and find sustenance. Likewise, boredom has a critical role: preventing us from lives of mediocrity....

Editoral: Loving ourselves?

Collegian Staff February 13, 2023

Good theology requires the ability to count. Unfortunately, many social media theologians skip this important skill when they talk about love. Popular influencers scoop up likes by telling people...

Editorial: A Christmas massacre

Collegian Staff December 9, 2022

While it is good to focus on the heartwarming elements of the Christmas story, the Bible’s account reminds us that there is much more to the nativity than gentle shepherds and generous wise men. The...

Editorial: Actually read the chapter 

Collegian Staff November 1, 2022

College students often complain about having to read long assignments for classes. Perhaps they consider themselves visual learners or have trouble focusing when reading. Others say they do not need to...

Editorial: Don’t enjoy the news? Rethink your motivation

Collegian Staff September 30, 2022

Why don’t people enjoy following the news? Obvious reasons come to mind, like the fact that a lot of mainstream news reporting tends to amplify polarization and focus on negative events. However,...

Editorial: BJU should add forum for students’ feedback

Collegian Staff May 3, 2022

Students should take advantage of the channels they have to communicate their suggestions to the Bob Jones University administration. Currently, BJU offers several channels for students to make recommendations....

Editorial: Complaining is conforming

Collegian Staff March 7, 2022

During Bible Conference, BJU students routinely heard calls from speakers to contend for the faith in their churches, in their hearts and in the world. But how can Christian young adults stand out and...

Editorial: A big change for The Collegian

Collegian Staff February 7, 2022

The field of journalism has changed significantly over the past decade. Increasingly, America’s most well-known newspapers, from The New York Times to The Wall Street Journal, are reaching a broader...

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