The Collegian gets website upgrade

The Collegian launched a brand-new website this week to allow greater opportunities for multimedia journalism and align its internet presence with modern expectations for news sites. Since The Collegian now publishes articles regularly online and only offers print issues once a month, staff realized they needed a better website to serve as the face of the paper.  

The new website launched this week at The Collegian’s longstanding domain Beginning next semester, the website will also include video stories and photo stories in partnership with WBJU. 

Editor-in-chief Nathaniel Hendry said he was excited to bring The Collegian’s online presence in line with industry expectations. “The new website looks so much better and fixes a lot of the annoyances we had with the old one,” he said. “I’m excited to see how future staff will use it to expand the professionalism, capabilities and readership of the paper.”