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Society shout-outs: Women’s presidents

The Collegian contacted all women’s societies. Here’s what their presidents had to say.
Jim Block
The Chi Theta Upsilon Gators at Society Rush Party

The Collegian reached out to the presidents of all the women’s societies at Bob Jones University. We asked them what their society stands for, and why freshmen should consider joining their society. Here is what they had to say. Responses lightly edited for style and grammar. 

Alpha Sigma Omnicron Ambassadors – The Ambassadors’ legacy has been wrapped in outreach and ministry to other people because we are ambassadors for Christ. Since COVID-19, our routine outreaches in nursing homes and helping previous staff and faculty with yardwork have struggled. This year, our mission is to revive outreach and prayer in our society, making both a priority for all our members. Freshmen should join us to get involved in a Christ-honoring society that focuses on people outside our circle at Bob Jones University. We are a small society with amazing ladies who want to serve the Lord with their talents in any way possible. Our society resembles a big, tight-knit family where we may not agree all the time, but we love each other as sisters in Christ and strive to serve Him together. 

  • Lindsey Mohnacky 

Beta Chi Omega Bearcubs – The Bearcubs are a fierce and loyal group of ladies. We are putting an emphasis on unity and engagement this semester. Some outings that we have done in the past are cookouts, scavenger hunts in downtown Greenville, our annual Christmas party and more. Some things that we have done on campus is study and spa activities. We want to build our sports this semester and have plans for some outreaches that will help us get into the community better. We are pretty close with our brother society and are planning some fun outings with them this semester. There is a creative flair to our society and we want to have as many fun activities as possible that everyone can be a part of this semester.

  • Danae Willis

Beta Epsilon Chi Cardinals – Our society strives to have close relationships. We are a group of girls that has the best of both worlds. The friends you make in Cardinals end up becoming lifelong friends. Freshmen should consider joining cardinals because we are fun, it’s easy to get involved, easy for your voice to be heard, and we are like one big family. 

  • Madison Harmon 

Chi Kappa Delta Dragons – We are the Chi Kappa Delta Dragons, and we breathe fire forever! Our society exists to build lasting friendships and encourage one another in Christ. We are a fun-loving, mildly chaotic society full of storytellers, artists, book nerds and mischief-makers. We strive to put Christ first in everything we do while uplifting others. Come find home and community with us! 

  • Alaura Fleischman 

Chi Theta Upsilon Gators – It’s good to be a Gator! The Gators are an authentic, down-to-earth group of girls who love spending time with each other by playing society games and sharing fun or embarrassing stories with each other about our week. This can get really interesting because of our diverse collection of majors and interests. Gators host a variety of outreaches and events, including nursing home visits and an ice-skating event. Come visit us in the swamp! 

  • Leah Najimy

Nu Alpha Phi Flames –The Nu Alpha Phi Flames exist to further unity within our society as a sisterhood and pursue serving the University as well as the community! We utilize several ways to become unified including competitive sports, big/littles, monthly IHOP breakfasts and community outreach. We, alongside Sigma (Alpha Chi Spartans), have reached into the community through our monthly nursing home ministry where we are able to sing and fellowship with the residents. We also look forward to joint outings such as volleyball night with Sigma. 

  • Danielle Dunphy 

Pi Delta Chi Classics – The Classics are an energetic and exciting group of 60-90 girls, all coming together with diverse backgrounds but common interests. We love all things sports, competition, thrift, and community. Our Friday societies are full of creative and fun games, as well as an awesome time in worship and the Word. Our Classics outings in the past have included cookouts, Christmas parties, hikes and more. Our goal this year is to have a great time together, making loads of memories and new friendships that can only come about in such a fun group like the CLASSICS! 

  • Lexi Barge 

Tau Delta Chi Kangas – Tau Delta Chi Kangas is a society made up of a wide variety of people. From the fine art majors to the engineering majors—we have them all! The mission of our society is to build connections and relationships with each other while cultivating an environment where we can spiritually grow together. Freshmen should consider joining us not only because of the wide variety of people and the ability to find people with similar interests as you, but also because our society has strong rising leaders who will keep the society on the path of growth for the upcoming years! 

  • Katie Lee 

Theta Mu Theta Bandits – Theta Mu Theta Bandits are a medium-sized society. We’re a group of genuine, laid back, and tight-knit girls with a great variety of both interests and majors. We do quite a bit with our brother society including stress fest and ice skating. Some specific interests of ours are science, technology, engineering, math, music, art and sports! We’re very involved and support a variety of interests. We’re a great society to join if you’re looking to get into leadership or if you want to make some solid friends! We would love to have freshmen join us for an awesome year! 

  • Audrey Chrysler 

Theta Sigma Chi Colts –The Colts are an awesome group of 60-plus girls who love to sing, play sports, enjoy the outdoors and just spend time together! We are all about the PEOPLE of our society; we love that we have such a variety of personalities, majors, athletic abilities, musical talents and interests. On Fridays, we love to worship, study the Word with our chaplain and play interactive games, mixing it up every week. Ask anyone, we “DON’T WANNA BE NOBODY ELSE!” We have some fun traditions, including an off-campus Galantines event, a talent show and various service events/outreaches, from singing in nursing homes to helping churches or camps run outdoor activities. We can’t wait to welcome our new Colts to the best society ever! 

  • Kylah Laird 

Tri Epsilon Pirates – The Tri Epsilon Pirates are focused on Elevating Eternal Excellence (EEE). We live this out by focusing on having personal relationships with one another, where we are able to encourage and build each other up. Our Friday meetings are very interactive for all our members, we have lots of outings (the zoo, ice cream night, hikes, etc.), and we regularly meet with our brother society for game nights, cookouts, and prayer meetings. The Pirates’ goal is to do life together, because it’s difficult to sail a ship alone. 

  • Bella McDonald 

Zeta Tau Omega Seagulls – The purpose of Zeta Tau Omega Seagulls is to help women grow unified and characterized by their love for God and each other. We do have a lot of fun with games, sports and our brother society, but these things do not compare to the enjoyment and encouragement we get from each other. We are encouraged, both in and out of society, when we get together to talk, pray, share testimonies, or just hang out. These girls never fail to amaze me with their upbeat attitudes and love for each other.   

  • Katie Nelson 

Zoe Aletheia Wildcats – Zoe Aletheia is filled with immensely passionate and loving women who desire to grow their relationships with Christ together. Our theme this semester is Side by Side. We seek to grow relationships as we invest, encourage and edify one another. First, our priority is to help our members grow their relationships with Christ, as this lays the foundation for every other interaction. As we each progress in our walk with the Lord, Zoe Aletheia holds social events that help believers get to know one another on a personal and spiritual level. Something as simple as drinking iced coffee together or helping clean at a camp (two society traditions) allows us to fulfill our purpose to grow together and progress spiritually, culturally, physically and socially. 

  • Cheri Escalante 

Editor’s note: Other women’s societies include the Sigma Lambda Delta Duskies, the Theta Alpha Chi Owls and the Theta Delta Omnicron Tigers. The Collegian contacted each society multiple times. If your society would like to be included in this article, your society’s president may send a paragraph to The Collegian editor at [email protected] for publishing consideration.

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