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Society shout-outs: Men’s presidents

The Collegian contacted all men’s societies. Here’s what their presidents had to say.
Members of the Chi Epsilon Delta Wolves at a board game activity. Pictured left to right is Benjamin Hyink, Benjamin Ewing, Caleb McGinnis, Ethan House, Sam Ingersoll and Ethan Collins. / Provided by XED Wolves

The Collegian reached out to the presidents of all the men’s societies at Bob Jones University. We asked them what their society stands for and why freshmen should consider joining theirs. Here is what they had to say. Responses lightly edited for style and grammar. 

Alpha Theta Pi Razorbacks – Alpha: Sharpening one another through prayer, intentionality, and sports. 

  • Blake Von Bokern 

Basilean Eagles – Men of the Kingdom!! What is Basilean? Basilean is best defined by our acronym BASIL: Brotherhood, Authenticity, Service, Intentionality, and Legacy. Brotherhood because we are focused on fostering an environment in which each member can grow and be discipled by your fellow members. Authenticity because we believe in presenting ourselves as we are, no fakeness, no behind-the-scenes drama. Service because we believe it is integral to our faith that we serve those in our community and those we call our brothers. Intentionality because we believe in using our time to be intentional spiritually and communally. Legacy because we believe in leaving a lasting legacy of Basilean success for the brothers that come after us. We are men by, of, and for the Kingdom of God, looking for extraordinary men to help lead Basilean into the future! 

  • Wyatt Smith 

Beta Gamma Delta Patriots – The brotherhood of Beta feels like a privilege to be a part of. While success in athletics is our reputation and one of our goals, our overarching focus aims to create deep relationships through events with alumni, our sister society, and within our own society. We hope these relationships will last a lifetime and through them, we can grow in our relationships with God. 

  • Blake Alexander

Bryan Bears – The goal of the Bryan Bears Society is to “carry out (God’s) great work and serve humanity.” Ever since we were founded in 1927, we have made an effort to have thorough devotions in our Friday Society as well as in our Tuesday night Prayer Meetings. This semester we are focusing on our Identity as God’s Workmanship, and our passage is Ephesians 2:10. We also desire to create a fun-loving atmosphere where guys can be guys and build each other up in our strengths and weaknesses. In addition, we try to spend quality time with our sister society, the Dragons, to enrich our brother-sister relationship. So, if you are a freshman, and interested in a society that strives to disciple you while having fun at the same time, come have the best four years of your college life with us. 

  • Trey Lawton 

Chi Epsilon Delta Wolves – The purpose of the Chi Epsilon Delta Wolves is laid out clearly in our constitution. It says we aim to equip “men of Christ to fight the good fight of faith for the sake of his name.” We do this through fellowship and friendship in activities, worship and study in society, and leadership and service in outreaches and events. Freshmen should consider joining us if they are looking for a society that enjoys board games and trivia and are looking for a calm environment for society. We are largely science, technology, engineering, and math majors, but we welcome all majors that are passionate about what they study. 

  • Rhys Fuller 

Epsilon Zeta Chi Tornadoes – Epsilon Zeta Chi is a society focused on brotherhood. Our mission is to create an atmosphere for men to grow alongside each other as they seek to walk worthy of the Lord, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God (Col. 1:10). Everything we do falls under that mission, whether striving for excellence in society sports, creating awesome memories as we share life, or sincerely bringing each other before the Lord in our prayer meetings. We have crazy fun together both inside and outside of official society events, but we take important things seriously. Freshmen should consider joining EZX because we seek to grow together as brothers in Christ in all that we do. He is our focus, and we strive to mature in Him alongside one another. 

  • Josiah Sherill

Kappa Sigma Chi Knights – The Kappa Sigma Chi Knights exist to encourage and edify each other in our walk with the Lord through a close-knit atmosphere of brotherhood. We want every member to feel included and a part of what we do, and as we grow together, we want that to outflow into our actions as we seek to serve others together. 

  • Eric Probus 

Pi Gamma Delta Royals – The Pi Gamma Delta Royals focus on building good, strong, godly relationships. This close-knit brotherhood is grown through our engaged prayer meetings, our sports teams, and our fun, intentional society meetings. We love to have fun and grow closer to each other by pushing each other closer to Christ just as iron sharpens iron. So, if you’re a freshman, and love to play sports, and want to build great, lasting, and godly relationships, then PGD is a great place to join. 

  • Paul Alger 

Pi Kappa Sigma Cobras – The Pi Kappa Sigma Cobras exist first and foremost to glorify Christ. Our society creed is, “I must decrease, so He can increase.” Everything that we do, we do not to promote ourselves or our society name, but to promote Christ and to lift Him up. The Cobras are a society that makes sure everyone has a place. If you are the “go getter” personality, there are so many opportunities for you to get involved right out of the gate. And if you are the person that would rather sit back and enjoy watching those “go getters,” we have tailored society meetings to be enjoyable for you too. We compete in most sports and have become a society to be taken seriously in competition even if we don’t have all the trophies. Our sports teams are the guys that will give 110% in order to win, but also will be the team that, if you lose, these are the guys to lose with. As a smaller society we are looking for a large group of freshmen to come and reinvigorate our society with new upcoming leaders that can take our name and make it even better. We have a culture… THE culture. Will you join? 

  • Jack Weigle 

Sigma Alpha Chi Spartans We are a competitive group of guys that seeks to develop meaningful relationships with those around us. We have plenty of fun, and we seek to maintain our Christian integrity in all our actions. As a society, we are primarily sports orientated. Freshmen looking to join Sigma should look to uphold and contribute to these values. Joining Sigma is an opportunity to strengthen relationships with fellow Spartans, develop as an individual, and contribute to multiple competitive sports teams, all in a God-honoring manner. 

  • Ryan Raddatz 

Editor’s note: Other men’s societies include the Alpha Omega Delta Lions, the Nu Delta Chi Vikings, the Phi Kappa Pi Rams, the Kappa Theta Chi Stallions, the Chi Alpha Pi Cavaliers, the Phi Beta Chi Bulldogs, and the Lanier Falcons. The Collegian contacted each society multiple times. If your society would like to be included in this article, your society’s president may send a paragraph to The Collegian editor at [email protected] for publishing consideration.

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