Global Games build unity through competition


The Global Games are a week of building unity and celebrating the school’s spirit through different activities and competitions from March 13-17. Bob Jones University’s Student Leadership Council has carefully planned a fun and competitive week before Spring Break, dividing student societies into four teams: Pettigonia, The Weatherlands, Burkenshire and Bensonia. 

On Monday, students relaxed and enjoyed free popcorn while watching Ratatouille in the Davis Field House. Tuesday night was “Battleship,” a competition between teams trying to sink each other’s canoes in the DFH pool. Wednesday, they met for prayer and worship in War Memorial Chapel, focused on praising the God of every nation. 

The Global Games on Thursday included different competitions for students to get points for their society before the winner was announced. The Weatherlands team won, led by SLC director Matthew Weather. Bruins Daze ended with a student-led chapel on Friday, when students could wear jeans with Bruins or society gear all day long. 

Throughout the week, faculty and staff served pancakes for $1 and coffee for $2 in the Gazebo from 7:30-9:30 a.m. Students could points for their teams for each dollar they spent and simultaneously help the fundraising activities for the senior class gift.  

The SLC began planning Bruins Daze before the fall semester even started, as they sought to create “[events] that students would want to attend, something that would not be a burden for students to come,” said Karis Martin, women’s student body president. The SLC picked the week before Spring Break to provide relaxation and enjoyment to the student body during a stressful time of the semester. 

The purpose behind each activity is to help students get to know people from other societies, encourage students in a hard academic week, and build unity inside the school, Martin said. Through the week’s theme, Global Games, the SLC wants to “highlight the school’s international focus” and remind students that the Christian faith goes beyond the U.S., Martin said.  

Those involved in the logistics of the activities, like Amelia Herrera, event coordinator of the SLC, said they learned important lessons like teamwork through the process. “It takes a lot of teamwork, enthusiasm and people that, at the end of the day, want to have fun; but we want to do it campus wide,” Herrera said. Similarly, she has learned important communication skills, as well as asking for help when needed.  

Weatherlands was the winner of the world-themed week. (BJU Marketing)