Student Makers’ Makers returns

After making a strong debut last year, the Student Maker’s Market will return to Bob Jones University on Friday, April 21. The Market is a place for student makers to show their work, network with fellow creators and sell their work to the student body. It will be open from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Palmetto Green, across from the former Museum & Gallery.  

Students from many majors will participate in the event. Last year, vendors sold everything from greeting cards and macramé to pottery and baked goods. The Market is open to the BJU community, but only students can become vendors. Anna Peterson, a junior graphic design major and the communications director for the Student Leadership Council, said that it is an opportunity for students to become entrepreneurs without having to compete with anyone else in the community who already has experience.  

“It’s a really cool experience because it’s for students only,” Peterson said. “So we’re not being overrun by anyone in the community who is more successful or has a shop on their feet. It’s kind of an experimentation opportunity for us to work with our classmates and peers.” 

Peterson said her favorite thing about the Maker’s Market is seeing bonds of friendship come alive through the Market. “I think as someone who was a maker last year and had a booth, I think it was just so special to be able to share my art with my friends in a way that they could see, and I could display it. And it was so sweet to see all their support. I had a lot of friends buy things that they probably didn’t need, but they just wanted to support.”