CoRE Conference equips believers for modern controversies


As the first month of the spring semester draws to a close, Bob Jones University Seminary will hold its seventh annual CoRE Conference Jan. 30-Feb. 1., addressing the topic of personhood. This conference presents an opportunity for pastors, BJU students, alumni and faculty to gain a better understanding of how to apply God’s Word to current issues. 

CoRE stands for connect, renew and equip. Pearson Johnson, director of academics and mentoring at BJU Seminary, said the conference seeks to connect pastors, alumni, students and faculty. “Renewal and refreshing fellowship is enjoyed as we pray, worship and study God’s Word together,” Johnson said. The conference’s third aspect, to equip, aims to prepare attendees to address current issues in the church and culture. 

The conference’s theme of personhood addresses the cultural war between man’s ideas and God’s Word over sensitive topics like abortion, aging, bioethics, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and more. The speakers will discuss how the Scriptures apply to each of them.  

Neal Cushman, the dean of BJU Seminary, believes that the church needs to know how to answer questions about personhood now more than ever. With so many people striving for political correctness, Cushman believes Christians should seek to stand where God stands. “We’re trying to discern, ‘what is the church facing?’” Cushman said. “Where’s the attack? And how can we help equip those faithful servants to be able to meet the attack that they’re feeling on a regular basis? And personhood is huge in that respect.” 

More than anything else, Cushman hopes conference attendees will learn they cannot trust the world’s wisdom. “The wisdom of God is the only thing that yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness which James talks about in James 3,” he said. “A renewed confidence in God and His Word is the greatest takeaway that anyone could have.” 

The first session will be held on Jan. 30 at 7 p.m. at Stratton Hall. Students who would like to learn more about the schedule can visit for more information.