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2020 off to a roaring start

The start of 2020 brought more than just the celebration, resolutions and annual ball drop in New York City. The new decade brought with it several major events already.

Iran and the U.S.

On New Year’s Eve, Iran attacked the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. Iran carried out this action in response to U.S. sanctions deterring them from pursuing nuclear weapons.

The U.S. fired an airstrike following an attack on the American embassy, killing Iran’s General Qassem Suleimani. Iran retaliated by firing on two U.S. military bases in Iraq. No U.S. troops were killed, but 64 are suffering traumatic brain injury symptoms. Iran again caused havoc after shooting down a Ukrainian Airlines plane, killing all 176 passengers. 

President Donald Trump has made public statements supporting the U.S. troops enduring the hardships in Iran.

Australian Fires

Over 11,000 fires have set Australia aflame and have destroyed over 17.9 million acres of land. The fires began in September 2019 and have primarily hit the New South Wales region. As of Tuesday night, at least 28 people have died, including three U.S. firefighters. 

The government invested $2 million to help rebuild many structures ruined by the fires. Over 3,000 homes have suffered from the fires. However, significant rainfall has been predicted in the upcoming days. 


Over 24,300 people have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus, and at least 490 people from China have died. There are 11 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the U.S., and over 293 Americans received testing. 

The World Health Organization is helping affected nations contain the virus. People in China are under a 14-day quarantine, and American transportation to and from Wuhan is currently prohibited. Despite this travel ban, the U.S. is evacuating some U.S. citizens from Wuhan to one of five airports with a thorough entry screening process.  

China opened a hospital that was completed in 10 days in order to treat the Coronavirus and plans to open an additional hospital within a few days. Medical researchers are currently working the development and testing of a vaccine to combat the virus.

Trump Acquitted

On Wednesday, Trump was acquitted in the Senate impeachment trial. The House of Representatives impeached Trump last December for pressuring Ukraine to investigate his rival Joe Biden and Biden’s son Hunter. 

The Democrats finished making their opening arguments on Jan. 24. Senators established rules for the trial’s last stage and voted against calling witnesses. 

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2020 off to a roaring start