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BJU students show appreciation for faculty, staff on special day

BJU set aside April 18 as the official day to appreciate the faculty and staff and the work they do.

This day gave students a chance to reflect on the times when faculty have helped them grasp the impossible or an on-campus staff member has shown them kindness and understanding.  Students were able to let their favorite faculty and staff members know how much their service here at BJU is appreciated.

Here is what some students are saying about BJU’s faculty and staff who have made an impact on their lives at college. Jessica Scott, a freshman communications major, spoke about how much of a blessing her first-year adviser Phil Adams was to her. “[Adams] wants to make sure I succeed not only in college but once I’ve graduated as well.” Scott said.

Krista Hagglund, a freshman piano pedagogy and harp major, talked about two of her professors, Dr. Mark Parker who teaches her piano, and Emily Waggoner, who teaches her harp.  Parker challenged Hagglund to grow musically and spiritually each lesson. “Although I nearly quit several times, he encouraged me to continue and inspired me to pursue a double major.” Hagglund said.

Waggoner was an excellent example of humility, brilliance and wisdom to Hagglund. “[Waggoner] cares deeply for all her students, and I treasured each of my lessons with her,” Hagglund said.

Lauren Bethea, a freshman nursing major, talked about how much impact Dr. Marc Cheta, who teaches her Human Anatomy and Physiology class, had on her.  “Even though his class is difficult, he makes it so interesting, and I’ve just fallen more in love with my major because of it,” Bethea said.

Tim Martin, a freshman cross-cultural services major, deeply appreciates Dr. Jason Ormiston as a Bible professor. Martin spoke of Ormiston’s priority of helping his students to think and spoke of his outstanding personability.  “[Ormiston lets students] hold any conclusion and gently examines it to make sure they’re actually thinking for themselves,” Martin said. “He sets the standard for constructive criticism as well.”

Katie Beeson, a freshman educational studies major, deeply appreciates Dr. Greg Mazak. Last semester, Beeson took Fundamentals of Counseling with Mazak. As a result, her life was changed forever. “Because of things he said, it led me to the Lord last semester,” Beeson said.

Sinjin Seiber, senior engineering major, spoke about how impactful Will Woodham, faculty member in the department of engineering, was on Seiber.  Seiber talked of Woodham’s humility and heart of service. “One time, he got out of a meeting late in the evening and heard that I had a flat tire,” Seiber said. “Without hesitation, he made a round trip to his house to get tools to help me fix it.”

Joanna King, a junior graphic design major, talked about how much of a blessing Dr. Ted Miller and Dr. Rhonda Galloway had been to her during her college years.  “They’re both very firm in their teaching, but they always made sure everyone understood [the lessons], and [they] shared their passion for what they were teaching throughout the entire course and made you feel energetic,” King said.

Katie French, a freshman journalism and mass communications major, talked about how Dr. Paul Radford made on impact on her this semester. “He makes class fun and engaging while teaching us worthwhile material,” French said.

Jan Binns, head of custodial, is another BJU staff member who has impacted students. Olivia Thomas, a freshman journalism and mass communication major who works for custodial, said that even though Binns is the head of custodial, she understands the little trials of the job.

“[Binns] encouraged us that night to rely on our coworkers for help, to invest in each other as people, and to form friendships,” Thomas said. “But most of all she encouraged up to remember that our work is a service to God, to the University, and to all our professors and fellow students.”

Thomas added that she was thankful for Binns’ encouragement, understanding and hardworking spirit.  Even if we did not list all of them, every single faculty and staff member has made a major impact on the students of BJU.  We greatly appreciate you all and hope to learn more from your excellent Christian example for years to come.

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BJU students show appreciation for faculty, staff on special day