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Daniel Quigley


I don’t always like doing things with others.

Now, don’t avoid doing a group project with me or worry about my social health. I know how to work well with others, and I love the people I’ve befriended during my time at the University.

I just prefer to do some things by myself.

I worked on a couple of projects for a video class second semester sophomore year. Although asking for help removes some of the burden on my part, I filmed the projects myself.

I can do things on my own, but that’s neither the easier way nor the way things were meant to be.

The Bible states multiple times that man needs companions. In Genesis, God gives Adam a wife, recognizing that it is not good for man to be alone. Furthermore, in Ecclesiastes, if two work together, they can help each other up if they stumble.

But most importantly for me, the Bible states that we shouldn’t live the Christian life alone.

After coming to Christ at 13, my spiritual growth flourished in private study and reflection.

While I attended prayer meetings, asked advice from mentors and befriended strong Christian friends, I never developed relationships that really focused on building each other up in Christ.

This past summer, I joined my dad’s Bible study group. As the sun slowly rose outside our Starbucks meeting room, we read through a passage together.

I was struck by the bond those four guys formed over their many years of meeting together.

One morning, an absent member called the group and asked for biblical advice involving a family conflict.

Although I could always approach my dad, a pastor, a counselor or a friend with a question, I didn’t have a similar core peer group set up to go to for advice, encouragement and admonition the way my Dad’s group had.

Then, part way through last semester, I joined with three others in my major, cinema production, to meet briefly once a week to pray and encourage each other.

As we continue meeting this semester, we hope to go deeper by checking on each other’s Bible reading and personal struggles.

I used to wrestle with  2 Timothy 2:22, where Paul exhorts Timothy to flee from youthful desires. It annoyed me to an extent. In my struggle with sin, am I just supposed to flee? Is there no other tactic than sprinting away from wrongdoing?

Running forever with no discernable goal tires everyone out eventually.

But that verse doesn’t end with that admonition.  We’re not just supposed to escape from sin. And we’re not just supposed to put on good attributes instead.

Paul tells Timothy to run from sin and pursue Christ with others who rely on the Lord with pure hearts. Fleeing sin, pursuing Christ and going through life was never supposed to be a solitary thing.

While I “can” live my Christian life by myself, God never intended me to. He’s made it clear that I need to rely on Him first and then rely on others and let others rely on me.

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Daniel Quigley