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Revolutionizing the Pro-Life Movement

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Save the Storks President, Paul Isaacs, Jan. 28, 2019. (BJU Marketing/Derek Eckenroth)

“We’ve killed 65 million since then,” Paul Isaacs, president of Save the Storks, said in chapel last week Tuesday.

Isaacs was referring to the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, gripping the entire student body in a passionate message about the mission of his company, Save the Storks.

What is Save the Storks? For those of you not in chapel on Jan. 30, this organization’s goal is to inform expecting mothers of every option they have so that they can make the best decisions for them and their children. Save the Storks has buses that are fully-functioning pregnancy centers.

According to their website, the portability of these centers allows them “to operate anywhere abortion-vulnerable women are likely to be–outside of abortion clinics, on university campuses and at public events.”

The pro-life movement has been around for decades. Christians around the world have tried many different tactics to try to convince others that abortion is wrong.  But still millions of babies have been aborted since the devastating decision of Roe vs. Wade in 1973.

What are some of the things we as Christians can do to change the world around us?

Isaacs gave several good points explaining which solutions work, and he even mentioned a few that haven’t. Save the Storks, Isaacs said, is reimagining the movement for pro-life. “We are for women, for moms, for dads, for families,” Isaacs said. “We love life because it’s life, and everyone has a right to life.”

Isaacs mentioned that those who are pro-life have put a lot of stock into politics. “If we put all our hope and stock into [politicians], it’s misplaced,” he said. We’ve tried persuasion, showing heart-rending pictures of abortions. We’ve tried protests, and so much more.

Yet none of these stopped the decision in New York this January that now allows abortions up until birth, in certain conditions regarding the mother’s or child’s health. “You can become angry,” Isaacs said. “You can take up picket signs and hold up graphic pictures. You can do nothing. . . . Or, you can be like Jesus.”

Isaacs pointed out that Jesus befriended adulterers, cheaters, religious fanatics, deserters and racist teachers. Jesus befriended sinners. And without the grace of God, that’s what we are too.

How can we change the status quo in the pro-life movement? By offering women hope.  “We need to meet these women the way Jesus met the woman at the well–full of grace and truth,” Isaacs said.

Isaacs finished by giving some statistics of his organization since they began. The first year they began, almost 400 women chose life for their children.

Since then, over 5,000 lives have been saved!

Four out of five women who board one of the Save the Storks buses choose life. And they currently have almost 50 buses. “And we’re not done adding to the fleet,” Isaacs said.

This is how we can revolutionize the pro-life movement, by showing hurting women the love that God has shown each and every one of us.

This is how we can save our precious children.

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Revolutionizing the Pro-Life Movement