Societies, competition and the evolution of a coveted award

Societies, competition and the evolution of a coveted award

Society sports have played an important role at Bob Jones University for many years. Since the 1950s, societies have competed to win the society sports award.

Society sports are divided into the categories of major sports, minor sports and individual or dual sports. Major sports consist of softball, soccer, basketball and volleyball. Minor sports consist of all remaining team sports not in the major sports category.

The individual or dual sports consist of all individual sports. The introduction of the Bruins, the increase in the number of societies and the addition of 7 on 7 soccer have led to many changes in the intramural sports program.

With the ever-changing landscape of society sports, it’s no surprise that the points system for the society sports award has evolved as well.

Participation plays a heavy role in awarding the trophy. Teams accrue points for having teams participate in the various events. A society can no longer be eligible if they do not display proper sportsmanship. The society must score at least a 4 at the end of the season in sportsmanship in order to get participation points.

Along with sportsmanship, a society must go all season without forfeiting. If a society displays proper game-attendance and makes sure that their players show up to the games, they will be eligible for the maximum number of participation points.

For the major sports, all societies that manage to complete the regular season are awarded 25 participation points.

For the minor sports, societies are awarded 10 points for completing the season. For the individual sports, societies are awarded two points per individual completing.

The current society sports system also places a high value on winning. Each team that makes the playoffs is awarded a certain number of points. The teams that place first overall in a specific sport earn extra points on top of the points earned for the playoffs.

Teams that make the playoffs in the major sports get 50 points and 50 extra points if they win the championship. Teams in the minor sports category earn 25 points for making the playoffs and 25 for winning the championship.

Societies that participate in the individual sports category earn five points for qualifying for the playoffs and 25 points for claiming the top spot in the sport.

The society sports award plays a huge role in determining which society wins the coveted society of the year award. The men’s and women’s society that wins the society sports award each earn 10 percent of the points for the society of the year; however, the winner of the society sports award does not necessarily win society of the year. In the 2016-2017 school year, Alpha Theta Pi claimed the men’s sports award, and Theta Sigma Chi won the women’s sports award.

Neither won society of the year, which is actually a typical occurrence. This is because the scoring for society of the year considers many different areas of society life.

How will it play out this year? Guess we are going to have to wait until May to find out.