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Sports Column: Athlete communication evolves with technology

Through the course of the century, communication between athletes and the general public has evolved.

For many years, the only access fans had to players was through watching post-game interviews or reading articles in the newspaper.

Now, with the development of the internet, fans can access the most up-to-date information through various websites and social media platforms; however, the latest innovation provides athletes a way to connect with fans that is more personal, convenient and easy to consume.

Introducing the podcast. The sports world has embraced the podcast wholeheartedly.

The podcast has also made its way to BJU. The “What’s Bruin” podcast gives our student body and alumni an inside look on the latest in Bruins sports.

Many podcast networks such as “The Players Tribune” and “Uninterrupted” give athletes the opportunity to give fans a unique perspective on sports topics that most sports reporters and analysts cannot provide.

The podcast offers professional athletes an outlet to connect with their fans without the influence of the media.

Instead of answering questions from the media, the athletes are able to control the content of the podcast.

Not every podcast from a professional athlete is about sports.

Many athletes also choose to share their opinions on food and pop culture during their podcast.

Through the podcast, we can see the athlete’s personality.

During interviews with the media, athletes have to be extra careful about what they say.

The media will oftentimes twist what athletes say to fit their agenda.

Because a podcast does not require members of the media, the environment of the podcast is more relaxed than an interview with the media.

This laid-back format allows the athlete to show us who he really is.

We can explore their journey through their profession, their likes and dislikes and their opinions on various social issues.

Through the podcast, fans can connect with athletes in a way that was previously unimaginable.

—Top Three Sports—

Podcasts to Checkout

So which athlete has the best podcast? Here are my top three:

The Thomahawk Show: 10-time pro bowler Joe Thomas and former Cleveland Brown Andrew Hawkins host the No. 3 podcast on my list.

These two former teammates share their love for the game of football along with their perspective on pop culture and movies.

Thomas and Hawkins present their viewers the love that they have for the city of Cleveland that even an 0-16 season cannot break how they bonded while playing for the same team.

Stay tuned to this new podcast as there will be interesting takes on the upcoming NFL playoff games and the upcoming NFL free agency.

R2C2: As a 16-year MLB veteran, CC Sabathia teams up with radio personality Ryan Ruocco to give listeners insight into the brain of one of the most successful pitchers in recent history.

Prominent knowledgeable guests such as Michael Strahan and Michael Ferrara frequent the broadcast booth.

Their ability to intertwine humor and pop culture with good sports discussion lands them at No. 2 in my list; however, I cannot rate them higher than two due to their obsessive discussions of Star Wars.

Road Trippin’-NBA veterans Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye team up to give us the No. 1 podcast in our countdown.

If you love basketball and food, as I do, Road Trippin’ is your podcast.

Not only do they give viewers the latest information on the NBA, they also give viewers the latest information on pop culture and travel.

The unique stories from guest Jameer Nelson, Justice Winslow and Dwayne Wade make this podcast stand out from the rest.

Whether they are probing into the journey of Cleveland Cavaliers Turkish rookie Cedi Osman or sharing life advice from Jeff Green, Jefferson and Frye never fail to deliver a podcast that is second to none.

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Sports Column: Athlete communication evolves with technology