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Eight ways to make the most of your 2018

January just might be the most hopeful month of the year. With last year in the past, a new year waits ahead like a blank slate full of possiblities.

We’ve listed below a few things we wish we did more last year and want to do more of in 2018.

1. Ask for constructive criticism. Search for ways to improve and surround yourself with people who are always challenging you to be better.

Listening to our weaknesses can be a tough pill to swallow, but responding to critique is a key to progress.

2. Ask for a student discount. Many businesses in Greenville and across the nations cut students a break when buying food, clothes or any number of services.

You might find that plastic card in your wallet—the one with the awkward freshmen picture—will be the best coupon you never had to clip.

3.  Read more. Just as your body needs a good workout to stay healthy, your mind also needs to be exercised.

Reading increases memory and strengthens your brain. Start putting your mind to work by reading a book outside of your go-to genres.

4. Take advantage of campus resources like Career Services and the Writing Center. As a student, you have access to a resource network available to few in the professional world.

The University’s assets are vast, easily accessible, relevant and cost you nothing  beyond tuition.

5. Listen better. A major aspect of effective communication has fallen through the cracks in our fast-paced society—listening.

Genuine listening takes time and effort, which are often the two things we don’t like to give. But listening is a valuable skill that reaps rewards by strengthening your friendships and relationships.

6. Communicate with your professors. If you’re struggling with an assignment, or even just a class in general, get in touch with your professor as soon as possible.

Faculty like to see that students are putting in effort, and they will help you as much as they can, but you first have to communicate your struggle.

7. Be social. Get your focus off of yourself, and go to a society event, church event, or even just chat with a friend a little more than usual. It’ll help you to think of others more than yourself and help you to relax from a stressful week.

8. Take time. Be quiet. Reflect. Social media and classes constantly flood our minds with information. All that static can easily distract us from answering life’s big questions.

Reflection takes on new meaning for Christians as they meditate on God’s word. Like President Pettit said this week in his sermon series on Psalms, engaging with the Scriptures isn’t a lump sum. It’s a constant reflection.

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