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Sidewall: handcrafted pizza with charitable cause

Inside of Sidewall Pizza, Tuesday 2-14-2017. Taken in Travelers Rest, SC for a Collegian restaurant review.

Sidewall Pizza Company offers a unique, open atmosphere as an alternative to other crowded restaurants.

Located at 35 S. Main St. in Travelers Rest, this modern, garage-style restaurant is popular among many college students in the community.

The interior is simple—a boat mounted to the wall, a few nature-themed pictures and small pendant lights above the counters.

Several windows and two glass garage doors allow natural light to stream into the building, creating a relaxing setting for busy college students to enjoy.

Many students come frequently to study and socialize with their friends over a fresh, creative pizza at Sidewall.

Stephanie Nease, a manager at Sidewall, said she appreciates her employers’ eagerness to get involved.

“It’s a place very invested in the community,” she said.

The owners of Sidewall,  Loren Frant and Andy O’Mara, created the Sidewall Community Fund.

A portion of every dollar made at Sidewall is put in a fund to benefit local organizations and individuals.

On Feb. 8, for example, Sidewall gave 100 percent of their ice cream profits to the Salvation Army.

In addition to this event, Sidewall has been involved in wedding rehearsals, and it often partners with organizations for fundraisers.

Nease said Sidewall also plays a large role in sororities at Furman University.

For BJU students, Sidewall is an excellent option for society events and other campus organizations.

The fresh ingredients offered by Sidewall make the local business unique.

Their website says, “Our house-made dough, fresh from-scratch sauce, and classic and innovative flavor combinations bake in our imported oven to create amazing thin crust pizzas.”

For $14, customers can get a 14-inch margarita pizza to share. Other toppings include meatball, arugula, mushroom and Hawaiian.

Prices range from about $14 to $20.

The “Tommy” pizza features a garlic base with spinach, mushrooms, caramelized onions and peppadew peppers.
      Nease’s brother, Tommy, suggested a recipe to Sidewall, and it made the menu.
      But Sidewall isn’t just known for its pizza. They’re especially famous for their daily ice cream specials.

“The ice cream is a huge draw,” Nease said.

Customers can get a bowl of ice cream for $4.

Sidewall also offers salads and breadsticks.

Adding to the uniqeness of Sidewall, it’s the only place in South Carolina with Puck’s Soda, handcrafted with pure cane sugar and no artificial flavors or corn syrup.

There is also a takeout option, which Nease said is a great option for students who would rather take pizza to their dorms.

Sidewall currently has restaurants in two locations: one in downtown Greenville, one in Travelers Rest and an additional location planned to open soon on Pelham Road.

“It’s been an unexpected success,” Nease said.

Later this year, Sidewall will open another restaurant—this time without a pizza focus.

The new location, 164 S. Main St. in Travelers Rest, will introduce a barbecue concept rather than pizza.

Greenville Online released an article about Sidewall’s new restaurant on Feb. 8.

“Thus far,” the article stated, “plans call for a strong emphasis on brisket, pork and beef ribs, a variety of pork, including pulled and pork belly, and smoked wings.”

The Travelers Rest location of Sidewall is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Sidewall’s downtown Greenville location is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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Sidewall: handcrafted pizza with charitable cause