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Future Missions Opportunities

Medical missions not your area of interest? The Center for Global Opportunities has many more opportunities for you to go on a student-organized mission trip over Spring Break or a faculty-led  this summer.

This summer, several mission teams will be going to Spain, South Africa, North Africa, Korea, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, China, Chile, Australia, Antigua and the Western United States.

Dr. Kevin Oberlin, the global connections coordinator for the Center for Global Opportunities, will be leading the trip to Southeast Asia.

It will be his fourth time leading a team to this part of the world.

Oberlin said he enjoys investing in his team members and watching them develop their spiritual gifts. A mission trip gives students an opportunity to work alongside people who may have never naturally been in your circle of friends.

Oberlin said such trips challenge students to branch out of their comfort zone.

“It’s one thing to work as a team at BJU, but it’s another thing to work under the tensions of a new environment,” Oberlin said.

Societies at BJU also have some unique outreach opportunities.

This year, about eight members of Epsilon Zeta Chi will be expanding their outreach to the West Coast. During spring break, they will be going to Hamilton Square Baptist Church in San Francisco.

“This is an important step for Epsilon Zeta Chi as we focus on ‘reaching beyond ourselves,’” said Coltan Schiefer, society president.

“Throughout the past year, we have emphasized the importance of serving others, and this is a fantastic opportunity for guys to do that.”

The team will serve the church by teaching Sunday school classes and by ministering in music. A couple of team members will also have the opportunity to preach to the entire congregation on Sunday morning.

Epsilon Zeta Chi also plans to do a coffee shop ministry, which involves the team members going to different coffee shops in town and evangelizing.

“We will purchase drinks for other college-aged students and attempt to connect them with the church,” Schiefer said.

“Hopefully this leads to witnessing opportunities as well.”

The team also hopes to witness to the homeless and give them meals.

       Currently, the team is in the middle of its fundraising. Team members have raised enough money for plane and transportation tickets, but they are still raising money for food and outreach materials.

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