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Chuy’s blends borders with Tex-Mex cuisine

Chuy’s is a tex mex restaurant. Photo by Rebecca Snyder. 30.12

Located on Woodruff Road in Greenville, Chuy’s is a Tex-Mex restaurant that has won the hearts of the greater Greenville area.

On a Saturday night at prime time, customers can find waits as long as two hours although the weekdays promise a shorter wait.

Chuy’s started in 1982 in Austin, Texas, in an abandoned Texas barbecue joint.

Chuy’s has grown into a family-friendly venue whose menu is full of American twists on traditional Mexican food, including enchiladas, burritos and chalupas.

The restaurant is colorful with various pieces of art, patterns and knickknacks. The restaurant is packed with unusual decorations, intricate patterns and a nacho bar served out of  a car trunk.

The founders had a vision to create a fun Tex-Mex experience for its customers.

At first glance, Chuy’s on Woodruff looks like a cross between the other Greenville American-Mexican restaurants and a colorful Cancún tourist resort.

But inside, colorful wooden fish are hung in a current pattern on the ceiling, the floor tiles are shaped into creative patterns giving the restaurant a tropical feel.

And there are also pictures of Chihuahuas. Lots of them.

Chuy’s menu offers salads and soups, but the menu centers on its burrito, enchilada and taco combinations.

They advertise their burritos that are “Big as Yo Face” priced from $8 to $11.

Appetizers, including nachos and quesadillas, range from $7 to $11.

The menu also includes steak burritos from $11.29 and fajitas (chicken and beef) from $13 to $15.

The combos are recommended and are all around $10. Overall, the plates are large and full.

“My burrito was very spicy,” BJU student Hephziba Citlali Hernandez Hernandez pointed out, “and the portions are very big.”

Overall, Chuy’s provides a clean and colorful dining experience, a family-friendly atmosphere and a plentiful dinner on a budget.

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Chuy’s blends borders with Tex-Mex cuisine