Student body to parody woes of holiday travel


David Baral, Jared Poe and Tommy Lamper rehearse for student body. Photo: Stephanie Greenwood

The FMA will be transformed Wednesday into the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport as the Student Leadership Council presents this year’s Christmas student body program.

Without giving away too much of the story, student body women’s president Maddie Williams said the plot tells of two students’ problem of a continuously delayed flight. She said they chose this idea since students will be preparing to travel home soon. “We wanted it to be something students could relate to,” she said.

Planning for this year’s program started in early September. The plot idea originated from a group of students of varying majors and classifications. The airport setting was chosen for the variety of things that can take place there. “There are lots of funny things that can happen in an airport,” Williams said.

More than 40 people are involved in this student body, and campus personalities like Brody the Bruin and Bruins team members will make appearances.

More humor that does not directly relate to campus life will be included this year, according to senior Bible major Ben Hicks. He co-wrote the program’s script with senior communication major David Baral. “We wanted to do more than just have a bunch of Bob Jones [University] humor,” Hicks said. “We tried to go for something that is universally funny.”

According to student body men’s president Aaron Berry, there will also be a lot of action taking place in the crowds in the background. “We’re going to try to throw some funny surprises in there,” Berry said.

There will also be a surprise ending to this year’s student body. “We’re ending the program in a really exciting way that I think will really get the audience excited,” Berry said.