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BJU drive to aid Piedmont Women’s Center

Photo of Piedmont Women’s Center. Photo by Rebecca Snyder, 30.8

Abortion is a national issue and the Greenville community is no exception. But what can college students do to help?

BJU students will have the unique opportunity to partner with Piedmont Women’s Center during Nov. 7-12 by participating in a unique fundraiser.

Students may buy new baby items, such as diapers and baby bottles, and bring them to three different locations around campus–the Welcome Center, The Den and the dining common.

Piedmont Women’s Center is a Christian, pro-life organization in Greenville.

With an all-female staff, the women’s center is designed to meet the needs of women who are dealing with a crisis pregnancy or in need of abortion recovery guidance.

As stated on their website, the Piedmont Women’s Center mission “is to provide excellent medical information and services to women with pregnancy-related needs, in an environment that celebrates life and affirms the individual worth of every client.”

Piedmont Women’s Center offers free ultrasounds, free pregnancy tests and free counseling. Some of their counseling includes a post-recovery program for women who have gone through an abortion, along with a program titled “post-abortion distress in men.”

Micah Chetta, a senior history major and the chairman for BJU’s Public Policy Organization, is currently setting up the fundraiser.

Chetta urges students to participate because by donating, even a small pack of diapers, students are helping save lives.

“We really want to encourage [Piedmont Women’s Center] by providing this little bit of help that we can do,” Chetta said. “It really is a good thing for our students to get involved with the process.”

Chetta said the benefit of participating is two-fold.

“First, the aspect of saving lives is a big part of it. We want to encourage students to be active in saving the lives of innocent babies,” Chetta said.

“Second, we strongly believe that Piedmont Women’s Center is handling [crisis pregnancies] in the right way—by helping women who want to keep their babies and [by implementing] their post-recovery [programs],” he said.

The development and community service specialist for Piedmont Women’s Center, Tami Howell, advocates students’ participation in the drive because of the lasting results one contribution makes.

“[By donating], students are able to literally invest in the next generation and are given the opportunity to proclaim their beliefs—that every life matters,” Howell said.

As the drive approaches, students will receive an email listing the items to purchase and donate for the center.

By spending a few dollars and taking a few moments out of their day, students who donate to the Piedmont Women’s Center during the second week of November will be encouraging women going through crisis pregnancies, while helping to save the unborn lives of children in the Greenville community.

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BJU drive to aid Piedmont Women’s Center