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We all have goals and dreams in life.

When I was a child, I saw myself becoming everything from a police officer and teacher to President of the United States.

As I grew, I began to realize what I would really do with my life.

God gives us talents and interests that lead us to desire certain careers for ourselves.

But what happens when God changes our plans?

How do we respond when we are forced to change our goals?

When I graduated high school, I had a plan.

I would attend Clearwater Christian College in Florida. I would major in pre-law, and I would participate in the Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, a four-year program that commissions officers into the Air Force.

After college, I wanted to attend pilot school in order to spend my career flying the world’s highest quality jets.

I was going to travel the world, make as much money as possible and retire at 42.

But God had other plans.

During my freshman year of college, I pursued that path. I enrolled in CCC, learned to be a leader in ROTC and made lifelong friends.

At the end of the year, I was sad to leave South Florida, but I knew it would not be long until I would return.

In June 2015, I was looking forward to my sophomore year at CCC, weekends by the beach and time with my friends in Tampa.

I was working my summer job when I received the news.

Clearwater Christian College had closed its doors after 49 years of ministry.

The plans I had once made were being torn apart. I would no longer be returning to ROTC, my friends or the Florida coast.

I did not understand what God was doing.

Was I being punished?

With my limited, human sight, I was unable to see what was taking place.

God was moving me. I did not know where, but He was closing doors to one path and opening doors to another.

I spent the rest of the summer doing what I never thought I would be doing— searching for a place to finish my degree.

While I weighed my options, my dad recommended I consider a university I knew little about—BJU.

I wanted to attend a Christian college, but all I knew about this university was that it often played Clearwater in intercollegiate sports.

After much prayer and a campus visit, I felt God leading me to BJU.

Why did God move me? I often consider that question.

God no longer wanted me in Florida. My plans were not His plans. He wanted me in South Carolina. He wanted me to create and develop new relationships here.

God has a purpose for each and every one of us.

At BJU, I have been given new opportunities. God has allowed me to write for The Collegian, study history and political science under great faculty and even hear from presidential candidates in person. I have been blessed.

When God shakes the foundations of what we think is settled, we must trust Him.

God is sovereign, and He knows what is best.

We can take comfort in knowing that the God of Creation is watching over us in every path He leads.

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