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Southern Pressed Juicery brings healthy to Greenville

Photo of Southern Pressed Juicery interior. By Stephen Dysert, 30.4

Healthy is in. Pictures of green smoothies and yogurt bowls are scattered across social media.

Juiceries have taken cities by storm, and Greenville is no exception.

Right off  North Main Street on West Washington Street lies Southern Pressed Juicery, a small locally-owned restaurant full of bright greens and warm wooden browns.

A small fridge to the front left of the room holds multiple vividly colored bottles filled with the restaurant’s signature pressed juice, as well as salads, wraps and meals.

To the right of the restaurant’s interior is a long counter holding multiple blenders and juicers where you can order made-to-order smoothies.

Southern Pressed Juicery, said one employee, is extremely passionate about health.

“If you have [readers who are] athletes, we have protein-packed juices for them,” the employee said.

In fact, Southern Pressed Juicery has something for everyone.

They have juices that will help fuel the brain for those who need to study. They have juices for people who eat junk food while at home on break and need to detox. They even have juices that will help with falling asleep or waking up.

All employees are trained to understand the health benefits and are willing to help customers understand what juice or smoothie would best benefit customers’ personal needs, as well as give additional information about health and nutrition.

Southern Pressed Juicery is 100 percent organic, as well as being as locally sourced as possible. The employee said the juicery has even sourced produce from local residents.

The restaurant also caters to vegetarian and vegan customers, as many of their items contain plant protein.

They use many seeds, vegetables and even algae to ensure that their smoothies and juices are full of plant proteins.

Southern Pressed Juicery prides itself as being a healthy alternative to traditional fast food.

Although the restaurant was started only a little over a year ago in May 2015, this fresh alternative has been doing exceptionally well. 

Southern Pressed Juicery now sells its juices at Travelers Rest Farmers Market, Taylors Farmers Market, Clemson University and Furman University. They also cater for local businesses.

Southern Pressed Juicery smoothies range from $7 to $11. The pressed juices range from $4 to $11.

The various meals offered there, such as vegan wraps and acai bowls, have prices ranging from around $9 to $12.

These prices reflect the nutritious, high quality ingredients that make Southern Press Juicery unique.

In the smoothies, you will find everything from a rare algae called spirulina, which is found only in Hawaii, to dragon fruit.

In one of their more tame smoothies, The Front Porch Swinging, you’ll find kale, banana, spinach and lemon.

But, if you’re more adventurous, you can go for the Sunrise Salutation, a bright green smoothie filled with coconut water, pineapple, mango, coconut meat, dates and spirulina—or, as it’s more commonly known, pond scum.

Southern Pressed Juicery has acai bowls for those who want something sweet and fruity but with a bit more substance.

These are made with a base of blended acai berries with various toppings, such as granola and fruit.

While Southern Press Juicery may not be a daily stop for all students, it should definitely be on students’ radar when needing an extra boost to ace a test, fight off a virus sweeping through the dorm or detox after a week of too much Joy of Tokyo.

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Southern Pressed Juicery brings healthy to Greenville