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Walk, run, swim: how to train for the Bruin Nation 5K

While watching Usain Bolt dash his way to three more gold medals this summer, did you ever think to yourself, “Wow, I should really run more?”

On Oct. 22 you could have your chance.   

The Alumni Association’s Bruin Nation 5K will take place right here at Bob Jones University.

Students, past and present, faculty and their families are encouraged to take part in the event.
       Usain Bolt didn’t become the fastest man in the world overnight. If you want to be at your best, maybe even win, you have to train.

Landon Bright, Bruins cross country coach, recommends participants do at least 30 minutes to an hour of aerobic exercise each day.      

That time can be divided into segments alternating eight minutes of walking and two minutes of running.

Bright said swimming, riding a bike or stepping on an elliptical are also ways to work in aerobics.

“If you’re starting out, you’re not going to want to run every day because that can lead to injury, but you’ll want to be fairly consistent,” Bright said. “And you can do that by doing an hour on the bike or an hour on the elliptical, which is easier than running an hour right off the bat.”

Regarding the time of day participants should train, Bright said getting out before breakfast is ideal.

“I think right now the earlier the better. With the heat and the humidity, it really takes a toll on you if you’re running midday,” Bright said. “So if you can get out when the sun is not out, that’s the most beneficial.”

Diet and nutrition are also crucial to the training process.

Bright said it is important for runners to avoid eating fast food and sugars while training. Instead, Bright recommended eating as many colors as possible.

If you want your training to be effective, you need to get a variety of foods including fruits, vegetables, dairy and meats.

As for hydration, Bright recommends carrying a bottle of water around to take sips throughout the day, thus drinking as much as possible.

Bright said it is important to stay hydrated while training, especially in the heat.

Before the day of the race, set goals for yourself and push yourself to make them while you run.

Bright said that setting goals will affect the way you perform, so make them realistic but set them high.

While running, try to maintain a steady pace, especially on race day.

Bolt may run the 100-meter dash in nine seconds, but a 5K is over three miles long.

Bright recommended finding a pace that works well for you, then being consistent and maintaining that pace.

Bright encouraged participants to stay motivated throughout the training process even when it gets tough.

Participants have to make a daily decision not to give in to resistance, but to push themselves to do their best.

The training process may be difficult, but that difficulty pays off when crossing the finish line. The registration deadline for the Bruin Nation 5K is Oct. 19.

Go to and click on “Register Now” to complete the registration.

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Walk, run, swim: how to train for the Bruin Nation 5K