EZX vs Rams in great game


The Rams take on EZX head to head.

The Epsilon Zeta Chi Tornadoes defeated the Phi Kappa Pi Rams two sets to zero in a volleyball match on Tuesday night.

The Tornadoes started the first set with the serve, but the Rams took the first point due to a bad serve.

The teams struggled back and forth throughout the first game.

The teams were evenly matched in skill, but the Rams played with only five players, limiting their range and effectiveness.

The Rams had the early lead, but the Tornadoes caught up with strong serves and hits. Z then took the lead 8–7.

The Rams demonstrated good blocking which stopped the Tornadoes’ run and tied the game 8–8.

The teams traded possessions and the game remained tied for most of the set. But the Rams made several mistakes that gave the Tornadoes the lead. With the score 15–11, the Rams finally scored again with a solid hit to the back right corner. But they could not overcome, and Z took the first set 25–21.

In the second set, the Tornadoes won the first point off a hit to gain an early lead. The Rams stepped up their game and worked hard to catch up to the Tornadoes.

The Tornadoes had a run of aces, however, and this sapped the Rams’ energy. The Rams struggled to make solid passes, hits and sets, and the Tornadoes jumped out to a 13–3 lead.

With Z up 16–6, the Rams’ Micah Gold showed up and joined the game to even the sides 6–on–6. Gold instantly brought new life and energy to the Rams.

The Rams were able to close the gap and catch up to the Tornadoes, but their effort was not enough. The Tornadoes took the second set 25-16, easily winning the match in two sets.