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  In high school, I fractured my right wrist during volleyball practice.

My wrist healed nicely after the injury, but it’s never been quite the same. I can’t carry very heavy objects with my right hand.

I can’t maneuver my wrist any way I would like. And I can’t play certain sports without my wrist protesting.

But does my weak wrist keep me from participating in those activities? Absolutely not.

After playing tennis or volleyball and realizing I have a very sore wrist, it’s then that I remember I have a brace. I never seem to remember to put my wrist brace on before I play sports.

It’s after I have felt the pain and suffered the consequences that I remember I have a remedy. After repeating this nonsensical cycle for several weeks, I have finally begun to remember to put on my brace before I play sports.

     Just as I had failed to remember the brace until I had already suffered the pain, we oftentimes only remember God after we’ve already made a mess of things.

      We want to do what we want to do, act how we want to act, say what we want to say.

Then, after we’ve made a complete wreck out of a situation, we remember God—the God we have put in a box.

Many people think of ‘putting God in a box’ as limiting the power of God and simply not trusting Him as we should.

But we also put God in a box every time we take action without first consulting Him.

Too often, we stress about college without first going to God in prayer.

We rush into relationships oblivious to God’s will.

We make plans for our futures while leaving God’s plans out of the picture.

But after grades decline, relationships die and plans fall apart, we remember God. It’s then that we beg God for the guidance we should’ve been seeking all along.

Rather than going to God as a last resort, we should go to God before the chaos ensues.

We should continually seek God—even when things are going right.

Proverbs 3:6 says, “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

If we seek God’s guidance in every situation, we will always be shown the way.

God is our spiritual brace. He possesses the power which heals our broken pieces and supports our weaknesses.

God can use our brokenness for His glory.

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