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Student Voice: The Super Bowl as a non-fan

The Super Bowl is fast approaching and will be broadcasted on Feb. 7 at 6:30 p.m. The reaction of most people in America is excited anticipation for the event.

But personally, I have never had interest in playing football, much less watching it on TV.

There really is no story, aside from whether or not your favorite team wins. The endings are sometimes exciting, but not until that climax is reached.

But a lot of people love football. According to a poll last year by Bloomberg Politics, 67 percent of people said football is the most popular sport in America.

One area of the sport, though, has fascinated me: the fans—people who watch, read and listen to every bit of sports related information they can.

These devout followers have made football everything but a religion for them. They find others who are just as fanatic as they are and friendships are instantly made.

So what is someone like me supposed to do if I want to connect more with my friends at college who love football?

Well for me, the Super Bowl provides that chance.

American football has been around since 1869, but the first Super Bowl was not until almost a hundred years later in 1967.

The Super Bowl is now the flagship event for football. It is now considered an unofficial national holiday.

Tons of food and drink is bought for this one night, making it the second largest food consuming day after Thanksgiving.

Companies pay millions to have their ads shown during the event. It has grown larger than football to become its own event.

Non-fans like me will go to a Super Bowl party because everyone else will. I will definitely go to one, but I will not be glued to the screen.

Instead I will be bonding with friends who love the sport. I will comfort fans when their team fumbles, and I will high-five them when their team scores a touchdown.

While the Super Bowl is still a football championship game, I feel the event has evolved into a time for everyone to come together and fellowship.

The Super Bowl opens up football to everyone for one night.  Football fans come for the game and non-fans come for the spectacle itself.

So while I don’t particularly enjoy football, I enjoy the fellowship that the Super Bowl provides.

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Student Voice: The Super Bowl as a non-fan