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Holiday helps for the last minute shoppers

The holidays are gift-giving times, but finding a perfect gift is so much pressure—especially when you have to do it for your entire family.

The following list offers ideas to get your mind thinking.

The gifts suggested are all $30 or less and can be found and ordered online at any well-known and trusted shopping site, saving you the hassle of long lines at the store.


Infused water bottle

After the holidays everyone is in the mood to start healthy living.

If you’re like most people, you ate a little too much, and your conscience is talking you into starting that diet.

Step one? Purchase a new water bottle to increase your fluid intake!

It’s scientifically proven that drinking water is good for your health and wellness, and infusing it with fruits not only adds to the flavor, but also the health benefits.

Infuser bottles can vary widely in price, but you can usually get a nice one for about $15 in either the store or online.


Photo book

Mothers love photos for their lasting memories.

If you’re unsure of what to buy your mother for a gift, consider a personalized photo book or scrapbook.

You can personally pick which pictures you want added in a theme or just pick from completely random pictures of all your favorite childhood memories or vacations.

Devotional Journal 

As an avid writer and reader, this is something I’d want to go right alongside my daily Bible reading schedule.

This is a great buy for a sister or friend.



There are so many options when it comes to tickets: sporting events, concerts, fairs, plays, conventions, airplane tickets, etc.

It’s got the variety of a gift card, but with a more personal touch added.

Plus, if it’s for a sibling or friend, you can buy an extra one and then it automatically becomes a date night for two!

You get to experience it, and they don’t have to go alone; it’s a win/win!

College/Savings payment plan

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to get the little ones in your family.

On one hand, you don’t think it’s necessary (will they even realize you didn’t buy them a gift?) but at the same time you know you’d feel guilty if you skip them.

One thing you could do is write a check or take out some cash each year and start setting it aside.

If their parents have started a savings account for them, you could have it put there, otherwise you could set it aside on your own, and when they turn 18 or 21, you could give it to them.

Budget planner

Holiday times sometimes  can equal spending lots ofmoney, but finding the balance and making sure you don’t spend too much is a difficult task.

Buy someone a gift budget planner or monthly organizer, and you can help them get their life on the right track.

Small gift tree

How cool to be able to watch a tree grow year to year?

Plus you feel great because you are giving to not just one person, but actually to the whole world!

You can order your tree online for about $30, or visit your local tree nursery and pick one out in person.


Cool mugs

For the coffee and tea drinkers in your life, a custom-picked mug can be just the right mix of fun and practical.

Whether it’s self-stirring, fandom, monogrammed or just plain nerdy, mugs are a great, inexpensive gifts.

Tea infusers 

This gift is often overlooked by tea-amateurs, but a tea infuser is essential to a cup of wonderful, loose-leaf tea.

They come in all shapes and sizes, some being plain and practical and others being as quirky and goofy as the lucky one receiving this awesome present.

Depending on the one you find, prices will vary.


Wireless key finder 

Dad, this one’s for you!

For those days when he cannot find the glasses sitting on his head or his slippers by front of the door, make his life a little easier by buying him a wireless key finder.

You can find sets for around $30 that come with multiple finders for multiple sets of keys.

No matter which gift you decide on, be sure to be a smart shopper.

Many different kinds exist, so search multiple sites on the Internet for the best price, and don’t forget to read customer reviews for the best brand.

If you do order from a website, there are multiple sites that offer promo/coupon codes for discounts and sometimes free shipping.

Though buying a gift shouldn’t be based on how expensive a product is, we are college students; we have bills to pay and a budget to live by.

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Holiday helps for the last minute shoppers