CSC builds bridges between BJU and community


Students volunteer for a CSC event at Conestee Park’s Get Out Greenville celebration last October. Photo: Submitted

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 9.41.19 PMThe Community Service Council is a group of students who work together to plan and carry out volunteer events in the Greenville community. From Special Olympics to helping out in cleanup projects and local public school events, the CSC impacts the community in a variety of ways.

“CSC events are a great opportunity to invest in others, make a difference in the community and demonstrate love in action,” said Christina Wornom, junior nursing major and CSC executive council member. “We are passionate about working with students to build bridges between Bob Jones University and the Greenville community, forming relationships, and encouraging students to develop a Kingdom perspective about the people around us.”

Headed by director Forrest Barfield, a senior communication major, each of the 11 executive council members on CSC assumes responsibility for a few events each semester, working with organizations and event planners in the Greenville community. “We strive to interact with people in the community and show the love of Christ,” Barfield said.

When students serve in the community, it presents many opportunities to impact people on a personal level. Wornom recalls an amazing moment a few years ago during the Special Olympics when the student volunteers and the Special Olympics participants really connected.

“Everyone was going down these huge bounce slides, helping each other stand up after falling, and laughing and just having a great time,” Wornom said. “It was beautiful how we all just accepted each other, total strangers, and acknowledged the connection as human beings that brought us all together.”

The CSC acknowledges the importance for college students to spend time relating to people unlike themselves and outside their usual circles. “Community service is the way to get out of our bubbles,” said Sarah Darlin, a sophomore communication major and CSC executive council member.

How can you get involved? Joining the mission of CSC is as simple as signing up for an event that sparks your interest by responding to the CSC emails. If you are interested in doing more than volunteering, you can also request to join the CSC. If you are still interested in doing more, you can run for your society CSC representative position to have the opportunity to create and schedule events for your society.

Wornom said all students have the opportunity to bring positive change to other people’s lives. “God has blessed us to bless others, and obedience means letting the overflow of love that He has given us to spill out in the lives of others,” Wornom said. “It starts right here, right now.”