Love and Laughter brings romantic comedy to BJU


Ben Nicholas and Kaitlyn Chisholm rehearse for the Valentine’s weekend play, Love and Laughter. Photo: Ethan Rogers

Love and Laughter is a Valentine’s weekend treat that features two short romantic comedies on stage in Rodeheaver Auditorium, Feb. 13 and 14 at 7:30 p.m.

The plays that will be performed are written by two of the best playwrights of the modern era—Anton Chekhov of Russia and Horton Foote of America, said Ron Pyle, head of the theatre arts program and director of the production. “They are both very funny,” Pyle said. “They are about the complexities of courtship and marriage. Both have strong female characters; both have small casts.”

Blind Date by Horton Foote is the story of an eligible young lady who is the victim of her aunt’s matchmaking efforts.

Sarah Nancy has come to stay with her Aunt Dolores and Uncle Robert for a few weeks in Harrison, Texas. Dolores is convinced that the reason Sarah Nancy doesn’t attract any boys is that she is too sarcastic and doesn’t know how to be “gracious.”

When she fixes up her niece with Felix—who is studying to be a mortician—sparks fly!

The second play of the evening is Anton Chekhov’s The Marriage Proposal. Ivan Lomov is a Russian landowner with a serious case of hypochondria.  He has set his mind to make a proposal of marriage to his neighbor, Natalya Stepanovna, played by freshman theater arts major Christina Yasi. Her father, Stepan Stepanovna, is thrilled with the prospect of marrying off his daughter. Unfortunately, the proposal gets sidetracked by the argumentative couple.

Actors include longtime faculty members Jeff Stegall, Ron Pyle and David Schwingle, as well as staff member Kaitlyn Chisholm, alumnus Sharon Murray, and students Ben Nicholas and Yasi.

Pyle encourages groups of friends and dating couples to come see the production. “It’s absolutely for everyone,” Pyle said. “Neither one of the plays is sentimental or romantic; the subject is “love” but the effect is “laughter.”

Tickets to see both plays are available at Programs and Productions for $6.50 each.  Tickets can be purchased online at\tickets.