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Men’s Intramural Basketball Top 10 Early-Season Rankings

The National League takes 6 of the top 10 spots,

including the top 5.

1. Phi Kappa Pi Rams (1)

Coming off a 14-1 season last year, with their only loss in the championship, the Rams are determined to prove why they are the best team. Bringing back much of last year’s talent, the Rams are once again the overall favorite to win the championship.

2. Beta Gamma Delta Patriots

The Patriots, who made it to the semifinals last year, are looking good this year as well. The Patriots are a fast team, loaded with talent and depth. They are sure to make a playoff run.

3. Alpha Omega Delta Lions

The Lions have a strong veteran unit this year, including a roster full of height and skill. The Lions, who have not had the chance to prove themselves against a strong team this year, are looking to show that they are ready to play with any team in the league.

4. Sigma Alpha Chi Spartans

The Spartans are a talented team still trying to get all the pieces in just the right place. Adding some needed freshmen talent, the Spartans have lost only to the Patriots and recorded a close win over the Royals. Watch out for the Spartans come playoff time.

5. Pi Gamma Delta Royals (1)

The Royals lost by one to the Spartans earlier this season but look to have a strong offensive unit. If the Royals can effectively contain their opponents on offense while limiting their own turnovers, they can pose a serious threat to any team.

6. Pi Kappa Sigma Cobras (2)

The Cobras (2) team has a veteran roster whose members are comfortable playing with one another. Their height allows them to be effective on both offense and defense, while constantly pounding the boards. With wins over the Tornadoes and the Knights, the Cobras have a good chance at taking the American League.

7. Alpha Theta Pi Razorbacks (1)

Alpha (1) has yet to play a strong opponent, but has proven to be a top competitor, ready to challenge any opponent. While depth may be an issue for Alpha, which lost two key men to injuries earlier this season, the Razorbacks’ starting lineup displays good chemistry and composure on the court. They too have a strong shot at the number-one rank in the American League.

8. Epsilon Zeta Chi Tornadoes

The Tornadoes suffered a double-digit loss to Cobras (2), but were missing a couple key players in that game. With wins over the Cobras (1) team and the Chi Alpha Cavaliers, the Tornadoes may surprise their opponents as the season progresses. Z has a quick offense that can strike at any time and historically makes a great playoff contender.

9. Phi Beta Chi Bulldogs

The Bulldogs’ record may be the only losing record in the top 10, but with losses to both the Rams and Patriots, Phi Beta makes a strong case for a good team. The Bulldogs lack depth but always manage to give their opponents a good challenge, earning them the ninth ranking overall.

10. Kappa Sigma Chi Knights

The defending champions, who lost several key players from last year’s roster, including their top three starters, are looking to rebuild. With the addition of some new freshman, the Knights find a way to hang in there and grind out games. With a single loss at the hands of the Cobras (2), the Knights captured the 10th spot.

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Men’s Intramural Basketball Top 10 Early-Season Rankings