BJU Seminary to host third conference: “In the World, But Not of It”


BJU Seminary’s third conference will focus on being “In the World, but Not of It.” Photo: Photo Services

BJU’s Seminary and Graduate School of Religion will host its third conference Feb. 10-12 in Stratton Hall. This year’s theme is “In the World, But Not of It.”

Rescheduled from last year because of inclement weather, the conference will address the issue of worldliness in today’s society and churches. BJU President Dr. Steve Pettit will open the conference Feb. 10 at 7:30 p.m. by speaking on the importance of choosing godliness over worldliness.

Ten messages are scheduled throughout the conference, including “God’s Call to Distinctive Living,” “The World’s Warfare Against Christlikeness” and “Rightly Developing Discernment.”

Speakers include BJU seminary faculty members Dr. Randy Leedy, Dr. Mark Minnick, Dr. Brian Hand, Dr. Gary Reimers, Dr. Ken Casillas, Dr. Stephen Hankins and Dr. Layton Talbert. In addition, Rev. Tim Lovegrove of Grace Bible Church in Menifee, California, will give three messages, two of which students will get to hear during chapel.

Students, faculty and staff may attend the conference with their BJU ID card and are encouraged to hear any messages they can. The messages do not follow the normal class schedule, but you can sit in Levinson Hall for the live stream and leave when necessary. Stratton Hall is reserved for individuals who can attend the session in its entirety.

Dr. Steve Hankins, dean of the Seminary, believes this conference will help those who attend gain a greater understanding of what Scripture means when it talks about “the world” and “worldliness,” and how that contrasts with Christlikeness.

“Rightly applying the Word of God to life’s decisions is becoming increasingly challenging for believers in our culture,” Hankins said. “That challenge even extends into the church concerning choices about lifestyle and worship style that really glorify God.”

Hankins hopes the conference sessions will give clarity about the nature of Christian conscience, distinctive Christian living and wise biblical discernment that goes beyond living by a prescribed list of “do’s and don’ts,” to thoughtful, daily application of Scripture.”

For any questions concerning specific times, message topics and speaker bios go to or email [email protected].