Lions defeat Bulldogs in flag football, look to playoffs


Omega’s Vince Wilson makes a break down the field. Photo: Tatiana Bento

The Alpha Omega Delta Lions defeated the Phi Beta Chi Bulldogs last Thursday night in men’s flag football. The Bulldogs, going in with a 2-0 record, fell with a final score of 34-22.

The Bulldogs had previously defeated the Zeta Alpha Pi Hawks 49-39 and the Kappa Theta Chi Stallions 39-27. With offense being their strong point, they would need all they could get against the Lions. The Lions had played only one game prior to Thursday’s matchup, defeating the Lanier Falcons 26-13 just two days earlier.

The Lions opened up the game with senior Ben Unruh connecting with fellow senior Conner Welby for a long touchdown pass. After missing the extra point attempt, the Lions were up 6-0. The Bulldogs then looked to take back the lead against the Omega defense. After the Lions forced a fourth down, junior Bulldog quarterback Billy Kauffman ran for a first down, keeping the Bulldog drive alive. After another first down, Kauffman connected with junior Nathan Smith in the back of the end zone, tying the score at 6-6. The resulting two-point conversion from Kauffman to sophomore Daniel Ellerbrock gave the Bulldogs an 8-6 lead.

Omega answered when Welby ran for a big gain, bringing the Lions within striking range. Unruh then found Welby in the end zone, and after a two-point conversion Omega took back the lead, 14-8. With the half winding down, Phi Beta looked to take back the lead before halftime without giving Omega too much time to respond.

After running for a first down, Kauffman found junior Josh Bickel on the next set of downs, and Bickel made a big run, bringing the Bulldogs within 10 yards of the goal line. After an incomplete pass, Kauffman was sacked for a big loss on second down, but an Omega penalty on fourth down brought the Bulldogs to the 1-yard line and gifted them a first down.

Nathan Smith ran in for the touchdown, tying the game at 14-14. After a two-point conversion, the Bulldogs regained the lead, 16-14. The Bulldogs held Omega on the last drive of the half and headed into halftime with a two-point lead.

The second half was Omega’s half. After the Bulldogs came dangerously close to scoring on the first drive of the second half, the Lions took control and charged down the field. Unruh connected with junior Vince Wilson for a touchdown, and after the extra two points, the Lions gained the lead, 22-16.

The Bulldogs then had a chance to answer, but the drive fell apart when a pass intended for a Bulldog receiver was tipped by Welby and then intercepted by Omega senior Isaac Barcroft. Shortly after, sophomore John Wilson ran for a touchdown, putting Omega up by 12 points, 28-16. Each team scored another touchdown for a final score of 34-22, but it was the Omega Lions who walked away with the win.

The flag football championship is set to be held Saturday, Dec. 13, at 12:30 p.m. Participants will be determined this week.