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Tips to foster a genuine brother-sister society bond

Pi Kappa Sigma and Tri Epsilon worship together in song during a combined prayer meeting. Photo: Ciara Weant

Brother-sister societies provide an opportunity for men’s and women’s societies to bond over fun activities and edifying relationships.

“We build genuine relationships with each other through the bond with our brother society, and we make friends with people we never would have otherwise,” said Rebecca Jones, vice president of the Cardinals.
      If you want to see similar results with your brother-sister society bond, consider  implementing these tips from members of the Inter-Society Council.
1. Work together.

Casey Brighton, president of the Colts, said that she and Beta’s president meet on a weekly basis to plan activities, such as combined society and prayer meetings, including a special combined prayer meeting on the Day of Prayer.

Anna Magnuson, women’s ISC director, said it’s important to develop relationships between the brother-sister society officers to make meetings profitable and successful.

2. Cheer for each other!

Jones said some of her favorite memories are cheering on her brother society, Alpha, at games and having the Alpha members do the same at the Cardinals’ games.

“I think our relationship with Alpha makes our bond as Cardinals stronger,” Jones said. “Cardinals make memories at Alpha games together. We have a common team to cheer for.”
3. Eat together!

Everyone needs to eat, so many brother-sister societies eat lunch together after society meetings on Friday, but that’s not the only time to fellowship over food. The Bryan Bears make Saturday morning breakfast for their sister society, the Chi Kappa Dragons, thus providing a time of relaxation and fellowship.
4. Serve together.

Hannah Romero, the Dragons’ CSC representative, is organizing an extension to the Greenville Juvenile Detention Center for Chi Kappa Delta and Bryan. The Dragons served at the center last semester, but Romero is excited about the additional opportunities they will have to serve alongside Bryan.              

5. Be supportive.                                                         

The root of all advice for bonding with your brother or sister society comes down to being encouraging and supportive of each other. “The number one suggestion I have is be supportive of each other,” Brighton said. “It is important to realize that having a unified brother-sister society breeds so much more interest in society.”

Society can be much more than 35 minutes on a Friday; it is an opportunity for growth, encouragement and lifelong friendships. “Every activity we do together grows us closer to each other but, ultimately, closer to Christ, and I think that’s pretty cool,” Jones said.


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Tips to foster a genuine brother-sister society bond