Bavarian Pretzel Factory: pretzels and spätzle and schnitzel with noodles


Bavarian Pretzel Factory specializes in warm, delicious pretzels.

Don’t let Bavarian Pretzel Factory’s name fool you. While warm, delicious pretzels are this restaurant’s specialty, it also services authentic European breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

Owned and operated by Linda Gschnitzer, Bavarian Pretzel Factory is the only German restaurant in Greenville, a city with a constantly-growing German population. With the rise of BMW and other German manufacturing companies, Greenville has one of the largest German populations in the South.

Starting with a basket of hot pretzels served at the beginning of every meal, this German restaurant is sure to be a hit with hungry college students. Brought straight from the oven to your table, the pretzels are served with fresh butter and two kinds of mustard, a sweet one and a spicy one that is sure to clear all Greenville weather-induced sinuses.

A meal costs around $10 to $15 per person. All foods are made from scratch or imported from Germany, and the menu contains European favorites such as wurst (sausage), gazpacho (a hearty beef stew), spätzle (German pasta) and, of course, the dish made famous by “The Sound of Music:” schnitzel with noodles. For the novice foodies, schnitzel is thinly pounded meat that is breaded and fried.

While the full menu provides many delicious options, Bavarian Pretzel Factory is also an excellent place for coffee and studying. The interior is open and light, with indoor and outdoor patio seating options.

The bakery serves a variety of cakes and pastries made fresh each day. The service is efficient, and the experience is a welcome oasis from day-to-day life.