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Whistle while you work: tips for White Glove

Procrastination and White Glove, a day of cleaning to prepare the residence halls for the high school festival visitors, seem to go hand in hand. So whether this Saturday is your first or last White Glove, here are some tips for last-minute cleaning. Happy White Glove!

1. Clean in a specific pattern so that things you’ve already cleaned don’t get dirty again. This will save you time and frustration.

“Start on the [overhead cabinets] and work to closets, then drawers, then shelves, then counter tops and anything immediately visible. Do the most visible stuff last,” said Robbie Jeffcott, a senior Bible major.

“Finish the most visible stuff last, and don’t forget to dust the lights,” said Jon Fremont, a senior cross-cultural service major.

2. Figure out the cleaning list delegation method that works best for you and your roommates. You can evenly divide the list of shared items in the room for efficiency’s sake, or you may like to do everything yourself.

“I like to kick my roommates out and just do it all myself,” said Nate Polk, a junior biology major.

3. Make cleaning fun. You can set goals for yourself or race against a timer. The less it feels like cleaning, the faster you’ll finish.

“I set a timer in the morning and give myself two hours to get everything done so I still have the afternoon and evening for free time,” said Natalie Walters, a senior journalism and mass communication major.

“I pretend that under every piece of dirty clothes there is a dollar waiting for me to spend it,” said Gabby Salter, a junior graphic design major.

“Drink some soda, crack jokes with your roommates and turn on music,” said Drew Redding, a senior Bible major.

“In every job that must be done

There is an element of fun

You find the fun and snap!

The job’s a game,” said Mary Poppins.

4. Don’t leave cleaning until the last hour before the residence halls are cleared. Start early so you can finish early and have time to do other things later in the day.

“Get to it in the morning to get it over with,” said Anna Brock, a sophomore early childcare and development major.

“Have a fun outing, like a visit to your favorite coffee shop, planned for you and your roommates or discipleship group to do after the dorms have been cleared,” said Clay Bryant, a sophomore communication major.

We hope you use some of these tips. Remember: if you didn’t pass midterms, you still have the chance to pass White Glove!

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Whistle while you work: tips for White Glove