Heritage Day Chapel to highlight founder’s passion


Dr. Bob Jones Sr. Photo: Submitted

For the BJU campus, Heritage Day chapel is an opportunity to learn more about the University’s foundations and founder, Dr. Bob Jones Sr. This semester’s 30-minute presentation, titled SEEDS, will take place during the chapel hour next Thursday and will highlight the life of Dr. Bob Sr. before he founded BJU.

“I wanted to look at Dr. Bob Jones Sr.’s early life and see what aspects of his life taught him something that he then applied to the founding of Bob Jones College,” said Dan Boone, a member of the Video Services staff and director of the video presentation.

With a theme of “success through struggles,” SEEDS aims to show that Dr. Bob Sr. used both hardships and opportunities for God’s glory and the furthering of the Gospel. The majority of the narration in the presentation will be audio clips from Dr. Bob Sr.’s many sermons, accompanied by hundreds of pictures of Dr. Bob Sr. and important places and people that influenced his life.

“My goal in writing the script was to have Dr. Bob Jones Sr. tell his own biography as much as possible,” Boone said.

To give an autobiographical account of Dr. Bob Sr.’s life from his birth in 1883 to the founding of Bob Jones College in 1927, several autobiographical sermon illustrations were sifted through, clipped and pasted together.

The research for the presentation stems from the work of Dr. John Matzko, chair of the Division of Social Science, who is in the process of researching and writing a biography on the University’s founder.

Boone’s intent for the video presentation is that it will enlighten many students on the founder’s passion and vision for the University. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to see where we’ve come from,” Boone said.