Eagles soar past Gators, winning match in two sets


Jill Tillman sends the ball over the net for the Gators. Photo: Tatiana Bento

The Alpha Gamma Tau Eagles defeated the Chi Theta Upsilon Gators in volleyball Tuesday night, winning two straight sets to claim the victory.

The first set was close from the start, but the Eagles began to pull away late in the set.  After reaching a lead of 13-10 on the Gators, the Eagles had a burst of energy and scored seven unanswered points for a 10-point lead. The Gators made a brief comeback, however, and outscored the Eagles nine points to two to bring the score within four points at 22-18. The comeback was short-lived though, as Alpha Gamma would finish off the round with three straight points to win 25-18.

The second set, like the first, started off close. Both teams had several errors early on, and the score eventually became tied at 10-10. The Eagles then started to pull their act together, cutting back on errors and taking more time to set up for spiking opportunities at the net. From that point Alpha Gamma played solid offense with equally strong defense, outscoring their opponent 15-4. Much of their success came from the spiking and frontcourt presence of sophomore Katelyn MacDowell, who recorded several kills and blocks at the net as well as a few tip-overs.

The Eagles won the second set 25-14, winning the game two sets to none. Coming off two straight losses, Alpha Gamma is now 5-2.