Disc golf makes debut as BJU intramural sport

Bob Jones University recently introduced disc golf as the newest addition to society sports.

“In keeping with the philosophy of increasing the recreational opportunities for students, we are always looking at new sports,” BJU intramural director Mike LeViere said.

Currently, 17 disc golf teams are registered, with some societies having more than one team.  The following men’s societies are involved: Zeta Alpha Pi Hawks, Pi Gamma Delta Royals, Alpha Omega Delta Lions, Beta Gamma Delta Patriots, Lanier Falcons, Alpha Theta Pi Razorbacks, Chi Epsilon Delta Wolves, Epsilon Zeta Chi Tornadoes and Kappa Theta Chi Stallions.  And the following women’s societies are involved: Beta Epsilon Chi Cardinals, Sigma Kappa Rho Firebirds and Beta Chi Omega Bearcubs.

The games take place at the outdoor athletic facilities at Holmes Park.

Disc golf has evolved from throwing Frisbee discs at various objects to throwing special flying discs at what disc golf players call the “pole hole.”

The pole hole is a metal pole with a chain basket at the top.  The aim of the game is to get the disc into the basket in as few throws as possible.  Even if there is no set disc golf course, players can still participate in the game by using trees or garbage cans as their baskets instead of the pole hole.

Disc golf is conceptually similar to the traditional game of golf; but there are obvious differences between the two, as well.

The discs used in this sport come in many different weights, affecting the speed at  which they fly through the air.  They are called maximum distance drivers, fairway drivers, midrange discs, and putt and approach.

Many people play disc golf because of the active nature of the sport and because of the low risk of injury involved.  Disc golf automatically provides an upper-body workout and can also provide a cardio workout if you have bad aim.  It also helps improve focus, as you have to concentrate to make your disc go where you want it to.

Disc golf is popular for all ages and genders and is an affordable sport because it requires minimal equipment and its courses are typically free to the public.

LeViere hopes disc golf will provide society members with another option for getting involved in sports. “Maybe someone who wouldn’t go out for soccer or basketball would definitely be interested in disc golf.”