MinistrySafe training seminars to return to BJU

MinistrySafe, an organization that provides nationwide sexual abuse awareness training, will return to campus for six seminars Monday and Tuesday next week.

Gregory Love and his wife, Kimberly Norris, who are both practicing attorneys specializing in the area of child sexual abuse litigation and prevention, founded the ministry in Fort Worth, Texas, to raise the awareness of those who work in churches, schools and camps about sexual abuse.

Ms. Carol Keirstead, BJU’s chief communications officer, said this training is part of educating the whole person and preparing our students to recognize the signs of abuse when working with minors as well as to report abuse.

Next week’s seminars are required for the following: new students, new faculty and staff members and any student or faculty or staff member who did not attend the seminars last semester and take the online quiz. Four sessions will be held in the Family Room of the dining common, and two sessions will be held in Stratton Hall. Attendees will scan their ID cards on the way into the meeting. Anyone who attended a seminar last semester but didn’t take the online quiz will receive a reminder email and can simply review the information and take the quiz.

Keirstead said the seminars received positive feedback from students, who said they were “eye-opening” and that Love was “engaging and informative.” Sexual abuse is a serious issue, and BJU hopes that an increased knowledge of the subject will better prepare the BJU family to respond appropriately to abuse victims and to make a timely report.

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