Bruins women shut out Chowan University Hawks in 4-0 win


Bruins defender Caitlyn Lehman keeps the ball away from the Hawks’ offenses. Photos: Holly Diller

The Bob Jones University Bruins women took on the Chowan University Hawks and defeated them 4-0 on Saturday, Sept. 26.

BJU exhibited dominant possession early on, which set the tone for the game. The Bruins were able to keep the ball on the Hawks’ end of the field for much of the first half.  The Hawks played good defense, however, and were able to stop all of the Bruins’ shots.

Midfielder Spencer Martin said Coach Chris Carmichael encouraged the players to get in good passes during the game, and they certainly accomplished that.

The Bruins generated a lot of offense, but the Hawks’ keeper would not be so easily defeated.

At halftime neither team had scored, but at the start of the second half the Bruins came out ready to finish their shots.

A little over 10 minutes into the second half, midfielder Rebecca Luttrell, received a pass from defender Caitlyn Lehman.  She dribbled a little closer to the net, drawing the goalie out, and as the goalie stepped forward, Luttrell slipped her shot past the keeper.

This opening goal generated a spark in the Bruins’ gameplay and coherence.  Martin brought the ball up the field, strategically dissecting the Hawks’ defense.  She looked up for the pass and saw that her teammate Kristen Haertlein was open.  Martin slipped the ball to Haertlein, who then successfully beat the keeper, pushing the Bruins into a larger lead.

After the second goal, Anna Daulton was subbed onto the field and given her opportunity to have her say in the game.

Daulton immediately added her input to the game by dribbling down the field, beating the defenders and beating the keeper to give the Bruins a 3-0 edge on the game.

The pressure was on for the Hawks, and the team was running low on energy, but still managed to get off a few shots, all of which were stopped by the Bruins goalkeeper Tori Anderson.

It was not long before Daulton was back into the Hawks’ defensive third.  CUH was worn out and had its defense up at midfield. Daulton once again outran the defenders and looked to pass.

With no open lane to any of her teammates, she took the shot and sealed the victory for the Bruins by netting another shot.

This 4-0 victory was encouraging to the team, as their other games have either been a 1-0 victory or a 0-1 loss.

The Bruins look to continue their success as the season progresses.