IT installs Wi-Fi upgrade

Information Technologies is installing Wi-Fi updates directly into the residence hall rooms throughout September.

Marvin Reem, BJU’s chief information officer and the head of Information Technologies (IT), said that last winter a Wi-Fi efficiency survey was sent to students. Based on feedback from the survey, Reem decided the campus needed more Wi-Fi access points. Access points, also known as hotspots, are transmitters of Wi-Fi connectivity.

IT is now installing 314 Wi-Fi access points throughout the residence halls on campus. The access points will be installed in every few rooms rather than in the ceilings. Reem said this new placement will push the signal out rather than bouncing it around.

The installation process takes five to 10 minutes per room and will be done during chapel in September. “Our goal is to get them done as rapidly as possible,” Reem said.

IT is currently installing groups of access points as they are configured.  Gaston residence hall is already completed.

Julie Knakal, process management specialist for the Technology Solutions team, said IT is relocating the 118 older access points from the residence halls to the Museum and Gallery. The Alumni Building is also scheduled to get a new update later in the fall.

IT may be contacted concerning connection problems by calling extension 3880. “We want to help, and we want you to have a good experience with the wireless,” Reem said.