InstaMeet to give students opportunity to explore University, fellowship


The SLC’s InstaMeet will give students an opportunity to fellowship while exploring the campus. Graphic: Hannah Deal

The Student Leadership Council hopes you will “like” their first activity of the year: an InstaMeet.

The InstaMeet – short for an Instagram meetup – will provide a chance for discipleship groups to get to know each other while competing for the “Most Original” photo and getting to explore some typically “off limits” areas of BJU – including the chancellor’s and president’s offices. The InstaMeet will kickoff at the Gazebo at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 13. Residence hall students should come with their discipleship groups, and day students are encouraged to join a group or form a group on their own.

When the timer begins a little after 2 p.m., students will have approximately an hour and a half to walk to the list of pre-selected locations to take their most creative snapshots and upload them to Instagram with the hashtag #instameetBJU. When the timer stops, all of the photos under the official hashtag will be judged by Kyle Grant, men’s chaplain, Anita Goodman, Marketing Photo Coordinator at BJU, and Jon Andrews, a member of the art faculty, for quality, creativity and originality. The winning team will be announced in Stratton Hall at approximately 3:45 p.m., and members of the team will have their photo published in BJU campus social media, be featured in the Picture of the Day and receive a free Chick-Fil-A sandwich.

While each group will receive a list of the pre-selected locations complete with a map of campus, Abbe Mitchell, female SLC Event Coordinator, said this InstaMeet is not a scavenger hunt or race. It’s a photo walk, which means the goal is not to hit as many places as possible, but to get high-quality photos that are creative, interesting and possibly funny, Mitchell said.

For the competitive groups, Mitchell has a few photo tips: try to get your whole group into each photo, have enough background in the photo to show your location, take high quality photos and don’t be afraid to make people laugh.

Besides guaranteeing a fun Saturday afternoon, Mitchell said she hopes this event will give discipleship groups an opportunity to bond with each other and freshmen a chance to get to know the campus.

Anna Magnuson, R.A. in Mack and LSC women’s director, said that she is excited to take part in the InstaMeet for these very reasons. “I’m looking forward to exploring places that I wouldn’t otherwise get to see and to further develop my relationships with my peers,” Magnuson said.

While getting to know your discipleship group is a great reason to come to the Instameet, Mitchell said the list of locations alone should draw people to the event.

So apparently Saturday will reveal two groups of people on campus: those who want to spend time developing deeper relationships with their discipleship group and those who just want to take an epic selfie in Dr. Bob III’s office.