Tigers top Tri Epsilon for softball championship


The Theta Delta Omicron Tigers celebrate their softball championship win, their fifth championship this year. Photo: Molly Waits

The Theta Delta Omicron Tigers clinched the women’s intramural softball title on Monday as they triumphed over the Tri Epsilon Pirates, 10-6. 

The Tigers received this title after winning the championship in every major sport this year except water polo. Fans crowded into the stands, thrilled to watch the final women’s intramural game of the year. 

The Tigers and Pirates battled for the championship last year as well, with the Tigers finishing on top. Pirates captain Tammie Melchert said, “We played them last year in the championship, so we were looking to have another great game this year, hopefully to beat them. We came close, but it was a really great game. Our girls did their best.”

Tri Epsilon came out with intensity and hopes to defeat the Tigers. The Pirates gained the lead by two runs in the first frame, setting the pace for the game. The Tigers struck back when junior Katie Bozak hit a double that brought in a run, putting them behind Tri Epsilon by only one run. The Pirates crumbled when Theta Delta senior Leah Forsythe brought in three runs by smacking a deep shot into left field. The Tigers seized the lead 4-2 and didn’t let go.

In the third inning, the Tigers, up 7-2, started to play sloppily and gave Tri Epsilon a chance to catch up. The Pirates took advantage and were only down 7-6 by the end of the inning. With the Pirates on their tails, the Tigers upped the level of play and earned more runs. They finished with the victory for the second year in a row with a final score of 10-6.

Forsythe said, “It was a lot closer than last year, so it was a lot more fun. Both teams had really good hitting, but the defense wasn’t so great, and that’s why the scoring was a little high. Overall it was a really good game.”

The Tigers and Pirates have been the top contenders in women’s intramural sports this year. Both teams have great athletes and team unity. Melchert said, “[We’ve learned] communication and working together as a team. We’ve really grown a lot together with that, and getting our plays in and working together as a unit, not just individual players.”

As for the Pirates future, Melchert said, “Don’t be surprised. We always make it to the championship. Watch out.”