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Q&A with Tori Anderson

Q: If you could play a sport other than soccer, what would it be?

A: “I would love to learn how to play tennis.”

Q: What is it like balancing nursing and soccer?

A: “It is very difficult, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for most people. There have been a lot of incredible people here at school though that have gone out of their way to make it possible for me.”

Q: What is your favorite part about being a keeper?

A: “I enjoy the individuality of the position. I am able to train on my own, and I am responsible for myself back there.”

Q: What is the greatest soccer memory that you have?

A: “My greatest soccer memory was winning the championship game here for BJU. When everyone ran out onto the field and dogpiled each other, that was the best memory I have ever had with sports.”

Q: What was your best save ever?

A: “Sometimes the best saves aren’t necessarily because there was something spectacular about the save, but rather it came at a very important time and rallied the team’s spirits. We were playing against Emmanuel College, and we were down 2-1. Their team was awarded a penalty kick near the end of the game and our team had lost their energy. I saved the PK, and I remember looking up and seeing the girls running out and moving on the offensive right away. Being able to ignite that kind of energy is one of my favorite parts about my [position].”

Q: Do you believe that playing soccer for the Bruins is teaching any life lessons that you plan on using in your nursing career and in life? 

A: “Getting to know all the different backgrounds all of us girls come from is incredible. Something that is more incredible though is the ability for us to, despite all of the differences, come together and form a unit. That kind of team atmosphere is important in life and especially in the medical field as I will have to come together with very different people to accomplish similar goals.”

Q: Who is a hero of yours? 

A: “My mom is both my hero and my biggest fan. If it weren’t for my parents’ support of me doing soccer and nursing, I’m sure I would have burned out by now.”

Q: How did you end up at BJU?

A: “I had actually planned to go to The Master’s College, but right at the last minute they notified me that they were unable to start a nursing program that year. I came to BJU instead for nursing, but after one year here, BJU began intercollegiate sports, so it seemed perfect for me to stay to play soccer and continue to study nursing.”

Q: Which famous athlete(s) would you choose to hang out with?

A: “Meagan Rapinoe and Shaun White.”

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