Sigma beats Bulldogs in season’s final game


Sigma’s Trenton Mishler tips the ball over the net. Photo: Molly Waits

The Phi Beta Chi Bulldogs fell to the Sigma Alpha Chi Spartans in a volleyball match Saturday morning. The game was the last of the season for both the Bulldogs and the Spartans, as neither team will advance to the playoffs.

The Bulldogs kicked off the first game with a quick lead. Sigma picked up its game with several spikes and quality passing but still trailed behind. The Bulldogs kept the lead for the rest of the round, eventually winning 25-13.

But the Spartans did not let the first-game loss control the rest of the match. In the second game, two more players arrived, and Sigma had six players to Phi Beta’s four, creating stiffer competition for the Bulldogs. Sigma snatched the lead right off the bat, with Phi Beta right behind. The Spartans kept the lead, but the Bulldogs kept behind by one point until Sigma reached double digits. Once they reached 10, the Spartans never looked back. Sigma maintained its momentum, winning the second round by 10 points, 25-15.

In the third game, the Spartans captured the early lead, but the Bulldogs continued right with them. The Spartans stayed in the lead by only one point for the majority of the final game, but once in double digits, they finished what they started and took off with the lead, beating the Bulldogs 15-11. 

Sophomore Janeen Hatt serves as the coach for Sigma and holds a few practices for the team. “I’m here to help them know what they’re doing and for moral support,” she said. “We’ve figured out what positions they’re going to play. I want them to have fun and to enjoy the game.”

Bulldogs player Nathan Smith said, “We played our best, probably out of the whole season. This was a game [we] couldn’t pull off at the end, but it was a good time. Once we won the first set we had hopes of winning it all, but it slipped through in the end.”