Banquet to honor student leaders for diligence, faithfulness


Students enjoy the evening at the 2013 Leadership Banquet. Photo: Photo Services

Student leaders will be honored for their accomplishments and hard work at a leadership banquet to be held at the Hyatt Regency on Main Street April 25.

The banquet will recognize the diligence and creativity of those in leadership roles. Student leaders are constantly meeting deadlines, organizing activities and planning new projects. This night is a chance to thank them and reflect on everything they have done this year. Unique service projects, special brother-sister society events and other unusual activities will all be honored.

A catered dinner will be followed by testimonies from several students, including newly-elected Student Leadership Council members Anna Magnuson and Matthew Arnold and Chi Alpha Pi Cavaliers president Briley Hughes, about what God has taught them through their leadership roles.

“We want to provide a relaxed setting, where there are no requirements,” said Mr. Kasey McClure, director of student organizations. “They can come and enjoy the fellowship without the pressure to perform.”

The students attending are members of the Student Leadership Council, Community Service Council and Missions Advance, as well as society presidents and vice presidents. The banquet will be a time for these students to collectively look back at the positive aspects of the semester.

“The main thing we want the students to recognize through this event is the goodness of God, and to see how He has allowed them the opportunity to minister,” McClure said.

Brianna Calhoun, vice president of Theta Delta Omicron, admits there have been challenges in her role, but is more excited about what this experience has taught her.

“Having to plan weekly meetings and events has opened my eyes to what is really involved,” she said. “It made me realize how much responsibility a leader has to the society members.”

Planning a society dating outing to Carowinds, while fulfilling all her other responsibilities, has made this semester a busy one for Calhoun. Overall, however, she said the experience has been very positive.

“It’s taught me a lot about trusting God,” she said. “A lot of things I’ve dealt with in this leadership position coincide with stuff I’m dealing with personally. It’s really cool to see how He’s worked those things together to teach me.”