Rams fall to Spartan comeback


A Spartans player jumps to block a spike by Rams coach Nathan Young. Photo: Olivia Prairie

The Phi Kappa Pi Rams and the Sigma Alpha Chi Spartans faced off Monday night in an intramural men’s volleyball game. The teams were split after two games, and the Spartans conjured up a come-from-behind victory in game three to earn a win from the matchup.

The Rams began strong and carried the momentum through the entire first game. They took control early and defeated the Spartans 25-18. Led by coach Nathan Young, the Rams have athleticism and height, both powerful weapons in a volleyball match.

But the Spartans were not deterred going into the second game. Height, represented by Evan Fisher and Nate Polk, caused problems for the Rams, as the Spartans earned six points at the net from blocks. Trenton Mishler’s quickness on the front line was also a problem for the Rams. The Rams rallied for a few points with some strong serves from Young, but it was not enough. The Spartans won the game and tied the match.

The tie-breaking game was played to 15 instead of 25, and both teams fought to secure the victory and leave with a win. “It’s always exciting when it gets to a game three,” Polk said. “The guys are just out here having fun.”

The momentum quickly favored the Rams at the start of the game, and it appeared that they would leave with a significant win. However, the Spartans were able to raise a comeback. Polk emphatically began the comeback with a spike right down the middle of the Rams’ court. With that exclamation point, the Spartans took off and finished the game on a 4-0 run to defeat the Rams 15-13.

“I view intramural volleyball as an opportunity to just come out and enjoy time with the society brothers,” Polk said. “Tonight we were able to do that, and come away with a pretty exciting come-from-behind win. It was a good night.”