Rain or shine, softball brings societies together


The Colts’ Caitlin Peacock swings for the ball, while Cardinal Rebecca Jones plays catcher. Photo: Dave Saunders

The Colts stampeded the Cardinals Monday in softball, winning by a score of 5-1.

The field, slick from the day’s rain, proved a challenge for both societies, but the Colts’ fielding ability carried them to victory. The Colts don’t hold any practices, but show up ready to play in any position on game day. And even without practice, the Colts came away with a solid win.

Colts Coach Kassie Stiling said, “We did a great job. We definitely picked up our game, and I think it was good considering we didn’t have everyone here.”

The rain dramatically influenced the number of players who came out for each team.

Cardinals coach Aly Arellano said, “The rain played a factor. Half of our team didn’t show up. I’m so proud of our team because we ended up doing really well for only having seven of us.”

The Colts and Cardinals are two of the largest women’s societies, at 112 and 104 members, respectively. The size of these societies makes unity more difficult, but the Colts and Cardinals look forward to softball because it brings society members together. Softball creates a laid back environment that allows the society members to grow and have fun together. Anyone in the society can come out to play.

“We don’t necessarily have to have tryouts,” Arellano said. “This year we rallied around softball to be our unified finish for the year. So we got shirts printed and we got our last name printed on them. This was kind of our ‘Hey, let’s end with a bang in society.’ But we wanted people to see us unified, winning or losing, in the rain or in sunshine.”

Stiling shares Arellano’s attitude. “We seem to come together really well as a society for sports,” Stiling said. “I recognize it in softball, despite the fact that we don’t have practices. But when we play we are unified and click really well.”